Monday, October 29, 2007

The "Ball"Bra

I think the name of the itme is self explanatory- as are the pictures. The website describes it as such, "The Ballbra is very sexy and very creative underwear for the man who's not afraid to show some skin and maybe let it all hang out when the mood is right. The Ballbra can hold only your family jewels, or if you're a little more modest, you can put your entire package down in the supportive fabric."

I would drop dead and die if I saw this on a man... what if you were going to hook up? What is the advantage of this item? DISGUSTING.


Anonymous said...

I think its GREAT ! :) Just ordered one. Thanks for Post. Found it on :) all the best

Anonymous said...

Found it very tight on the testicles, however provided great support, maybe a little too much chaffing on the gooch, but good for jogging on the beach :D