Sunday, March 29, 2009


Why do people continue to think that John Mayer is attractive? This is not cute and certainly not funny. It's just weird. And it's not for a movie or some weird skit...this is just John Mayer showing up for his hosting duties on "The Mayercraft Carrier" to Mexico. People actually PAY to go on this ship with him???

A New Kind of Vacation

Planning a summer vacation? What about traveling and staying in style? The Hotelicopter boasts 18 “luxury-appointed” rooms, wireless, and even room service….the flying hotel will making its 14-day maiden voyage this summer...

Many are sensing that this is a hoax...but I couldn't help but post it.

Cat Kneads Breasts

You know you don't want to watch... yet, you're going to click, because you're morbidly curious. My question is- why does this woman allow her cat to do this?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Photoshopping...

Dude... if only I could photoshop myself in real life all of the time. This is more - no, WAY more- egregious photoshopping than Madonna.

This Had Potential..

This would be so much better if I like Keenan...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kim Kardashian did a photoshoot for Complex Magazine and apparently, Complex Magazine posted the un-photoshopped version of one picture on their website. This apparently caused an internet "furor" because people could see that (gasp!) Kim has cellulite. Kim responded on her blog and said, "[Y]ou know what, who cares! So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!? How many people do you think are photoshopped? It happens all the time!"

I personally thing that that is just a bad outfit or pose... I wasn't so much concerned with the cellulite as the surprising gut shot.

Where the Wild Things Are

How did I not know that this was being made into a movie??? Now the real question do they make a ten sentence book into a whole movie? Hmmmm....

Another Broward County Judge Making News...

A defendant in Broward County court ended up in jail after he lunged at the woman who accused him of domestic violence. Check out this clip and watch the judge as he makes this leap over the stand to tackle the attacker- crazy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love Sex Magic

Although Ciara looks slighty BeyoncĂ©-esque...she looks hot nonetheless in the newest video for her duet with Justin Timberlake called “Love Sex Magic.”

On a side note- what's up with these "three word" songs with weird names...Crazy Sexy Cool, Love Sex Magic, Futuresex Love Sounds, Cooleyhighharmony (ok, that's just one word...but I like it).

Just Wrong... Yet Semi-Amusing

Are people over the Chris Brown/Rhianna situation? Looks like people are ready to joke about it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Thing I Don't Take The Bus...

Fitness First is a gym in the Netherlands that installed this advertisement at a local bus stop. It has a scale attached to the seat so when you sit on it (with legs hanging) it shows your weight. It's supposed to make you think about your health and joining the gym.... HIDS. Would anyone even sit on this? I think this actually promotes walking and I'm surprised that the bus company allowed it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brooke Hogan... Do I Need to Say More?

Here's Brooke Hogan performing at the Calle Ocho festival in Miami Sunday. I had no idea she was still pursuing her "music" career let alone landing gigs.... and not to be weird, but is she seriously wearing these random looking payless nude color kitten heels doing a stripper dance? UNREAL. Let's not forget her dad had a front row seat to this show... ummm... yeah.

The Boob Machine

I love Japanese people... only in Japan can you see a boob claw machine next to the Winnie the Pooh toy grab machine. Why would someone really pick this up?

World Naked Bike Riders Crash Wedding

Well, not literally. But can you imagine getting this shot?

Why Fort Meyers Is Not A Spring Break Hot Spot

WOW. And Double WOW. They allege that it is a 55-year old mom, but somehow I think it's Andy Dick with a wig.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've Got A "Gut" Feeling That It Is Time...

It is officially time for bathing suit season. This time of year would normally be ok... yet, I must admit, I'm feeling quite pale and er..."heftier" than normal. Now, the normal reaction should be, "Wow, it's time to really hit the gym." But I suppose I'm not so normal. Accordingly, it is with great excitement that I don a one-piece this year (trust me, I'm doing all involved a favor). Without furhter ado, here are some of my favorites...

1. Trina Turk Plunging One Piece - - What is there not to love? Colorful Pucci-esque print, the plunge makes it sexy... I love it! Hoping that this one will work out...

2. Trina Turk - Ikat Cutout - - Wondering if this item provides any support. Again, the print is gorgeous and you can wear practically any coverup with it... Kind of a "Missoni" feel...

Really? Why Does This Still Make News?

I don't know why this kind of stuff even still happens. Honestly.
A 17-year-old lesbian in Lebanon, Indiana was all set to go to prom until her principal informed her that the dress code restricted girls from wearing tuxedos, forcing them to wear gowns instead. The girl, who is not identified due to her age, decided to fight back, suing the school with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, on the grounds that the school's restrictive dress code was a case of gender discrimination and a denial of the girl's right to free speech. At first, the school attempted to placate the girl by discussing pantsuit options, but that was soon dismissed, as school officials reversed their dress code standards just four days after the suit was filed, releasing this statement: "School policy for this year's prom will be that all attendees shall wear appropriate formal attire with no gender-based attire requirements imposed. Female students will be permitted to wear tuxedos if they choose."

They couldn't just let her wear the tuxedo to start? Idiots.

What Is Wrong With Lady Gaga?

First the "no pants" phase. Then the "topless" phase... and now bubble leotards? Isn't she a bit young to be acting and/or dressing as eccentric as Elton John? AND why is her FOOT on the piano? This whole thing makes no sense to me.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute

Is this really a new Samsung ad? The song is so annoying, yet strangely CATCHY! I just want to sing it... not a good idea.

Well, the fact that it has tons of cute little baby animals helps it along as well for me.


Somehow this cat doesn't look too happy to shower, yet I think it's so cute! Then again, I'm also the same girl that likes to dress my dog... if that gives you an idea of what I think is cute! :)

NSFW: Britney Hanging Out Again

Ummm... how do you not feel that? Am I an alien? That would be so uncomfortable feeling.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Ipod Shuffle: To Purchase Or Not to Purchase

The new iPod Shuffle's capacity has been doubled to 4GB, and now the minuscule music player doesn't have a control wheel. But how will you ever reign over your music? Simple -- with controls on the earbud cord. WHEE! The new design keeps the clip and adds "VoiceOver" -- a new feature that gets around the lack of display by telling you which song is playing and who performs it at the touch of a button on the earbud cable. It'll also call out your playlists and let you navigate to others. Available in black or silver for $80 and your claim to what Apple calls the "world's smallest music player."

World's smallest music player my ass. I happen to own the world's smallest music player. It's a violin. *rubbing fingers together* Can you hear that? It's the REAL world's smallest music player playing "All Night Long" by Lionel Ritchie. Bitchin'!

DUDE- She's 50!

Madonna needs to stop trying to dress like she's 16 again... seriously??? She looks like Miley Cyrus + 40 years!


The Pussycat Dolls come out with Indian remake and now she's wearing saris... PLEASE SOMEONE TELL HER TO STOP.

Those Aren't Extensions....

Have to admit... it looks pretty good....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Butt Implants Gone Really Wrong...

This is just strange... however, the inability of the anchorman to hold it in is great.