Friday, November 30, 2007

Hershey's Is Pushing Crack

Is this a fu**in' joke?? HERSHEY'S, America's family chocolatier, just released its newest product: "Ice Breakers Pacs" -- but what do they look like? CRACK BAGS. IS THIS A JOKE? Who cleared this at Hershey's? No one recognized the resemblence or WORSE, the product engineers recognized what they looked like and went ahead.
They're not meant to be "cracked" open like that- but seriously, couldn't they think of better packaging? At a minimum, make the powder purple... flat out STUPID. As if American children/teens weren't impressionable enough, we need Hershey's to make candy look like crack - just disgusts me.

Smell Yo Dick Is The Hottest New Track

Riskay has got to be the "hottest" new artist on the streets right now with her hit track - "Smell Yo Dick". Riskay The Drama Queen is the HOTNESS! Hotness I tell you!

Sing after me: Why you comin home, 5 in the mo'nin? Something's going on, can i smell yo' dick? Don't play me like a fool, coz that ain't cool, So what you need to do is let me smell yo' dick!
Aren't you even al ittle bit curious? Come on - click and enjoy, you will NOT regret it.

"I might break bread with a couple of strippers... doesn't men you need to pull my zipper."

Pockets In A Wedding Dress?

I'm not going to lie... I've really been liking the hidden pocket trend in dresses, but I do think there comes a time to draw the line. And that line is wedding dresses with pockets. I don't even have so much as a CLUE as to why a bride would need pockets. For her wallet? Her ID? This is just absurd... How do you feel? By the way, it's by J.Crew and it's $1800.00 - does that effect your opinion at all?

First Wedding Dance...

Would you want this to be your first dance?

Why Didn't Kimora Think Of This?

THe NY Post is reporting that Suri Holmes will be their "youngest client" ever, as Tom Cruise and mommy dearest, Katie Holmes requested that Christian Louboutin custom-design a pair of red soled shoes for her.

Is this even serious? What kind of shoes are they getting her? Does the 2 year old need heels? UGH.


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Gifts I Don't Want

This is a compliation of the 10 worst holiday gifts... and they are pretty terrible. However, I couldn't help but laugh (and think of tens of people that would want it) when I saw the Hillary Clinton "Nutcracker".

Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 Most Racist Disney Characters

This is HILARIOUS. There is nothing more to say... this page links up scenes from the 9 most racist Disney characters... highlights include: 1) The Little Mermaid's Sebastian the Jamaican lobster believes that being "under the sea" is better because you don't have to work; 2) Asian gangster cats that own a laundromat; 3) Aladdin - the opening credits welcome you to the Middle East, "where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face"... has anyone ever noticed this? AHHH. and 4) my personal favorite, the black crows in Dumbo being depicted as poor, uneducated, constantly smoking, wear "pimp" style hats... and one of them is named "Jim Crow". I can't deal - a must watch.

Forget Post-It, How About A Pock-It?

I can't say that this item looks super useful, but I'm extremely impressed that someone has been able to come up with something to "compete" with the Post-It. I mean, who doesn't wish they invented the Post-It? Anyways, the Pock-It is sticky on three sides, so it creates a little pocket to put things in AND you can write notes on it... The only problem is the size, I guess. What can you put in there? Business card? A pen? Actually, the way the inventor uses it (to put money in it) seems pretty genius though - especially for leaving lunch money for the kids.

Is John Travolta Gay?

I've always heard that... but this photo seems awfully supicious. I mean, straight men can't do Saturday Night Fever and Grease... and then decide that it's a good idea to cross dress for a role as an overweight mother (Hairspray).
Continue reading link below if you want to hear about John at the Korean "massage" parlor.

Did You Know...

Want to play the matching game? Try to guess: 1) Who's mother killed his/her father? 2)Who has a secret love child? 3) Who's father faces tax evasion charges and is sitting in jail? 4) Who's dad is a bank robber? 5) A murderer? All very interesting... Click below for the shocking answers.

Another One Bites The Dust

Apparently, everyone is going short... what's next? Bangs. I'm going to stop reporting haircut makeovers, this is getting to be too much. And why does she have so little hair now that it's short- rather than looking fuller, it looks all nappy and stuck to her head.

A Not So Full House...The Olsens Penthouse On the Market

Do you dream of being of the Olsen twins? I personally do not- but I wish I had their 12 room penthouse! Their "condo" - if you can even call it that - has amazing views of the Hudson River and will only cost you a cool $12 million (so like $1 million per room, seems reasonable). Since purchasing it in 2004 (to "attend" NYU) for $7.3 million, they haven't even stayed the night. Guess they're too busy eating or canoodling with Lance Armstrong. Check out more photos of the house below. Minimal furniture, no?

No one bit in 2005 when it was on the market for $9.2 million - do you think it will sell now in this depressed housing market?

Costume or Not?

Typically not known as the alien baby, but after this shot, she could be known as one. I don't get it- is Jennifer Garner punishing her? How about just a hat? Maybe even some cute earmuffs? What is that atrocious thing on Violet's poor head?

Katie Holmes: Banging Hair or Not?

How many more celebrities can copy Kate Moss and get bangs? Well, at least one more.. Katie Holmes - and I love it. The heavy bang makes her look more sophisticated and mature... the huge style makeover, the chic bob and now the bangs, Katie Holmes is quickly becoming one of my style favorites!
Haircut is kind of like legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour's, no? Point being - it all comes back to the legends.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How I Feel Right Now...

Remember in high school when all the couples would wear necklaces like, "Taken", "Single" or my personal favorite "143" (Beeper code for "I love you").
Anyways, I came across this awesome Jules Smith Design bracelet. And just looking at the bracelet says it all... plus knowing how I am right now, I'm obsessed.

Tubby Tax: Right or Wrong?

Now, when our luggage weighs too much (over 50 lbs.), we pay extra - which I personally think is CRAP, but I digress.
But do you think that airlines should be able to charge "overweight" people extra too? Dr. John Tickell, a doctor in Australia, think so. Dr. Tickell stated, ""Airlines are buying fuel and if you are carrying a heavy weight on a plane it is you who should be paying for it." Really? Then should airlines charge less if you're underweight?

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

How many times have you walked by Publix (or your local grocer) and been badgered by those pesky...I mean "cute" little Girl Scouts begging you to buy some cookies. I, inevitably, give in - usually thin mints. But how do the thin mints match up - in terms of calories and fat - to the other cookies? Here is a small breakdown and how many cookies you can expect per person...

Cafe Cookies (five per serving) contain little saturated fat.
Trefolis have 150 calories per serving (five cookies).
Little Brownies (four per serving) are sugar-free.
Thin Mints (four per serving) have the same amount of sugar and fat as two-cookie serving of Samoas.
Do-Si-Dos (two per serving) are low in saturated fat.
Tagalongs (two per serving) are high in fat, but it's mostly the good, unsaturated kind.
All Abouts (two per serving) are also low in saturated fat.
Thanks-A-Lot (two per serving) have the same number of calories as twice as many Thin Mints.
Lemonades (two per serving) have four grams of saturated fat.
Samoas (two per serving) have high amounts of fat and sugar.

Pick Wisely, Chase

Maybe Chase Daniels (awesome name by the way), quarterback for University of Missouri, has a strange nervous habit... or else he's just weird. Check out this 10 second video, in which Chase - digs into his nose, picks out a booger, looks around and then furtively EATS the BOOGER.

At this week's game, the opposing side had a field day with signs like, "Pick This Chase", "Hungry For More Chase?" and "Feed Chase". Awesome.

WHAT? I'm In The Wrong Line Of Business

Did anyone else know this? Perez Hilton is brining in $45,000 a DAY in advertising alone. Do you know how much that equals to - Perez Hilton makes about $15 million dollars a year for TALKING SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE and DOODLING PENISES ON THEIR HEAD. I am completely in the wrong line of business. What can his overhead possibly be? He works out of a coffee shop!

Speaking of Marriage Proposals...

This is one of the all time BEST pranks I have ever watched... these two guys deserve their own show. This is hilarious. In fact, the WHOLE prank series is amazing. If you have an extra hour or so on your hands, google "Prank Wars" on College Humor, I think there have been 7 pranks. This one is number 6 and my personal favorite. - This should get you to all of them...

Fake Window Decor

Two Japanese designers have created "Bright Blinds", which are blinds to be hung on blank walls to give the appearance of a window underneath.

Electroluminescent sheeting is responsible for the simulated daylight, and the amount of light emitted is controlled via the same methods as traditional blinds - a kind of neat concept. I mean, you can put one of these in a depressing no window room - like a cubicle!
You can watch the video if you're truly interested:

Guess The Idiot

Please note, that it is patently obvious that she isn't wearing underwear either. Is she so drunk and/or high that she doesn't feel her ASS exposed?

So...Uh, What Happened?

No, seriously- what is going on? I guess we can never accuse Jennifer Love Hewitt of having fake boobs - they are falling prey to gravity BY THE SECOND... and did she have kids? When did her hips spread? (Not that I should talk... but hey, I'm not getting paid $200,000 per episode).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


For all of you Hills lovers, just when you thought the drama between Heidi and Lauren was dying down... Heidi ups the ante by coming out with her own clothing line on the heels of Lauren launching hers (even though, we can all admit, the crap is ugly). Anyways, Heidi's line will be called "Heidiwood" and all of the clothes will be under $100, so everyone can afford it. In commenting and comparing their lines, Heidi said, “[Lauren’s] is more of bows and a little girlier, and mine’s going to be more sexy and fun. I think they can both do well. They’re very different. So good luck to her, and I’m not doing this to compete.” Sure.

Did Anyone Else Ever Realize She Actually Has Freckles?

Kind of strange... is she freckly? If so, as if we all didn't know, great airbrusher.

BAM! Emeril Has Been Cancelled

YES!! Apparently, Food Network is over Emeril Lagasse and his cooking show, because they cancelled his ass. Emeril Live has been running since 1997 and boosted him into the culinary limelight - so I don't feel bad for him at all. Now only if Food Network will grow a pair and cancel Rachel Ray too.

This Is Taking Recycling Too Far...

The latest hair trend in China? Used condoms in your hair! Now, condoms - yes CONDOMS - are being recycled into hair elastics in Southern China because, well, they're super cheap. And if you thought that was gross, wait till you hear this: Health officials say there is a considerable risk for transmitting bacteria, HPV, or HIV through oral contact (when girls put the elastic in their mouths when gathering their hair for a ponytail) or through open wounds on fingers (from nail biting, paper cuts, etc.). SO WHY PUT OUT THIS PRODUCT? They cost 3 cents for 10 - why not just pay 10 cents and avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease? This article BLOWS my mind.

Not to be a minor myth buster, but I don't think the HIV virus (or any other viral strands) survive in open air, much less plastic. Anyways, where is this company finding the used condoms - is there a drop off site? So many questions!!

Spoil Your Man (or Woman) "Scentless"

In getting ready for this holiday season, I've been seriously searching for good gift ideas... Well, I came across the "Sephora Scent Sampler" for either "Him" or "Her". In the "Her" version, you get 10 samples of their most popular fragrances (including Stella McCartney, Juicy Couture, Vera Wang, etc...) that are designed to fit into the included sleek silver atomizer AND you get a gift certificate that allows the recipient to receive a FULL SIZE bottle of their favorite scent!! And how much will this set you back? Just $50 - perfect for even "Secret Santa" parties!

Are Emus the New Uggs?

As I am contemplating on braving the winter this year, I know stranger things have happened... I was about to make the UGGS purchase. I have them in the low boot, but wanted something more subtantial, since any weather below 70 is FREEZING.

In my search , I came across an article showing celebrities wearing these new EMUs. Just like UGGS, the EMU boots are made in Australia and are made of sheepskin and merino wool. Frankly, I think they are better, because they are less UGG-ly... I tend to crack myself up only. Anyways, they are about $50 cheaper and supposedly just as good!
I'm thinking black... you can buy them on Amazon or here:

Who Doesn't Like Watching Proposals?

Well, your "fiancé" proposing to you at work isn't what most women would consider romantic, unless your job is on the set of a hit TV series and the cast takes part in the whole thing. That's precisely how a Scrubs producer popped the question to his non-suspecting fiancé -- also a producer on the show. Everyone say 'awww'! And of course, they have it all on camera.

Monday, November 26, 2007

OTC DNA Testing: Will This Put Maury Povich Out Of Business?

For some reason, every time I turn on any of the daytime "talk" shows- the topic is "Who's The Daddy/DNA Paternity Testing"... So, needless to say, when I saw this article, I got worried for those shows. But don't give your hopes up... the kit "costs" $19.99 at the drug store, but you have to tack on a $119 lab fee and then an extra $200 if you want to ensure the "chain of custody" of the items - which logically, they couldn't just do for FREE. Anyways, while theoretically helpful, in my opinion, the OTC DNA Testing is not really a move in the right direction at all. The rate of error of these tests has to increase exponentially due to the responsibility left upon the "testing" parties - like correctly swabbing, correctly placing everything in a separate bag and of course, READING directions.

Which is fine with me, who doesn't like to be at home at 10am watching a mom scream, "YOU ARE THE FATHER.. I told you so, you son of a bitch. To the face." It's just so relaxing.

This Little Piggy Went to Prada

I'm at that age where all of my friends are either getting married or having kids, which is exactly why despite my cushy job, I am always BROKE. Now, there is the perfect little stocking stuffer or gift for your new prego friend... you know, your former martinis on Wednesday friend.

There is a new nursery rhyme book that replaces Aesop or Mother Hubbard - and that's "This Little Piggy Went to Prada". Little Piggy has been dubbed a "Nursery Rhymes for the (Manolo) Blahnik Brigade," this sassy little book supposedly takes classic nursery rhymes for a fashionable spin around the block.
With mommy-dom being the new black and parenting quickly becoming a competitive sport, it's about time that classic nursery rhymes took on a fashionista glow and seems just right for acknowledging that, while your newly with-child BFF may have taken on a new role in her life, she hasn't lost her shopping know-how and sense of humor.

What Is Wrong With Heidi Klum?

She is making weird faces and just juggling her tits around... I'm sure EVERY guy in America, heck - the world, is getting off on this, but seriously she is 1) laughing like she's on drugs and 2) pretending like her boobs are machine guns. A MUST SEE.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Did you all have a glorious holiday and spend too much money? If not, here are some sales in case you slept through Black Friday:
  • Everything on Bluefly is 10% off today!
  • Get 20% off all sale items at Kate Spade today with the code "holiday07"
  • Get 20% off at Ann Taylor Loft plus free shipping today with the code "CYBERMON20"
  • Get 20% off all not sale items at Foot Candy today with the code "SHOE"
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  • Get 15% off at Intermix plus free shipping today with the code "CYBERGIRL"
  • Get 15% off at Arden B. and get $5 shipping today with the code "MONDAY"

Shop til' you drop girls!!


Can you even begin to guess what that is? A horn? A leg perhaps? NO, it's a HAIRBALL! Some 18-year old chick went into her doctor's complaining about vomiting and stomach pain - she had a HAIRBALL that weighed 10 pounds and measured 15 x 7 x 7!!

The young girl had a condition in which you would pull out her hair and eat it... the hairball was amassed over a number of years - I can't belive it took years to feel the effects.

Bachelor Violence: Beat It Up

Classic timing... just hours after appearing as a "success story" on ABC's "After the Rose" special, former Bachelor winner, Mary Delgado (we all rememer her, right? The cheerleader) was arrested in Florida for assaulting ex-Bachelor Bryon Velvick (he was the fisherman, I think). Delgado even went as far as saying, "I love this man so much that I have fallen in love with the sport that he loves." HIDEOUS.

Police say that Delgado and Velvick, who appeared on the Bachelor's sixth season, got in an angry confrontation at 12:15 on Wednesday morning. According to police, Delgado hit Velvick in the face, splitting his upper lip. Velvick refused medical treatment at the scene.When police arrived at the two-bedroom townhouse that the couple shares in Tampa, Fla., they arrested Delgado, 40, and took her to the Pinellas County Jail, where she was fingerprinted, photographed and charged with one count of battery. She spent about 14 hours in lockup, being released at 2:58 on Wednesday afternoon.

Beat it up, beat it up.,,20162223,00.html

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hogan Doesn't Know Best

Apparently, Hulk Hogan was blindsided by the news that his wife had filed for divorce after 24 years together, because when reached for comment Friday by the St. Petersburg Times, Hogan, 54, said he was unaware of the development in his marital status and thanked the reporter for the "great information," before hanging up the phone.

Remember the episode where she said she said she was leaving him? I thought that was just for TV... I mean, what haven't they been through and seen through 24 years of marriage that they need to end it now? Strange. Maybe after the sale of their Miami Beach mansion, she's ready to just cash in and walk away from the fanny pack/bandanna man.,,20162212,00.html

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my friends and all - May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday Deals

I've tracked down a few websites that compile some of the hottest deals around, which will allow you to strategize where you should shop and when. Do a little research now and reap the benefits come Friday.

Black Friday Ads: Find all the Black Friday ads in one place. More ads from retailers like Old Navy, Best Buy, and more. News and ads for what's selling where.

Bargain Share: Message boards where other consumers post the deals they've found.

SheFindsCoupons: Printable in-store offers that get the best bang for your buck.

I also have quite a few "Friends and Family" Coupons... e-mail me if you need them! I have Banana Republic, Sephora, Best Buy.... hit me up if you're interested!

Lock Your Doors

I'm not going to go into much detail... but below is the listing of the "Most Dangerous Cities In the U.S.". All I have to say is Orlando, Florida (aka -DISNEY WORLD) is more "dangerous" than Compton, California. Yes, Compton - where Snoop Dogg lived. Just so you don't have to go through it, Detroit, Michigan was number 1.

Gucci Non-Crystal Clutch

Just another random night at home, perusing Neiman Marcus. This Gucci "Crystal" evening bag caught my eye, but not for a good reason. First of all, there are NO crystals to be seen, so why call it a "Crystal" bag? And what's up with the stitching? Looks like you could get these bags at Aldo. Seriously, it's just disturbing. I guess that's all we peons can expect if you're paying only $495 for a bag.

Christina Aguilera's Crotch

Um... there are no nice words for this. Is she too pregnant to put on underwear? I mean, she got waxed... is it hard just to pull up some underwear or at least watch yourself when getting out of a car?

If you just want to be severely offended, click here:

How To Eat 1200 Calories at Quizno's (Not As Hard As You Think)

Holy crap... I was recently raving about Quizno's. Um, no more. Not to say they still don't have their "500 Calorie" meal choices, but some of these subs are just downright misleading. For example, the vegetarian sub- 1220 calories and 75 grams of FAT. The tuna sub? 2090 calories and 175 grams of FAT. You could have a cheeseburger and fries and a regular ass Coke and be better off. Seriously.

Winehouse White Nose

As if we all didn't know she was a crackhead, I guess she's just decided to say, "fuck it, everyone knows - so no sense in hiding it." Click below to see more photos...

Ways To Waste Money

This is quite a disturbing wake up call... or not. I clicked on the below article to see what are the biggest ways to waste money thinking that I would only fall victim to a few of them - this is UNBELIEVABLE. Almost all of them applied to me!!! This is ridiculous- some of these items are just a bit overboard and I refuse to think of them as "wasteful".

Bottled water (kind of understand that- but wahtever), OJ at restaurants, Starbucks, Las Vegas, Cable TV, toilet paper (WHAT? what else would someone use??), eating out, designer clothing (for kids - but if I had kids, I'd probably buy some designer pieces - at least to wear out..), wrapping paper (I'm obsessed with making presents look pretty), trash bags (is there an alternative??), "extra" packaging, paper checks, new cars, text messaging (this is unreal), hair salons (no comment) and lawn maintenance.

I was thinking they would say something like - "buying that extra TV", "excessive jewels" or even a trip to the spa - no such luck.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 33rd Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty is getting her own Judith Leiber bag, her own Barbie... she obviously already has her own clothing line, jewelry line (by Ms. Kimora Lee) and lingerie... with that being said, how gorgeous is this Judith Leiber special edition bag.

B---s In A Jar

Most men don't find high heels very macho, but for Matthew Mellon, they apparently took away his entire manhood. The ex-husband of Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon tells next month's W magazine, "When your wife makes $100 million during the course of your marriage, it's quite a shocker . . . I felt like my masculinity had been stripped from me. I feel like my b - - - s are in a jar, like a Damien Hirst artwork on the mantelpiece."

Well, I'm kind of torn on this one... I would love to say, why work? But if Tamara Mellon didn't work, I couldn't enjoy those gorgeous Choos.

Ali Lohan... 13 Going On 30

I just saw these new PR pictures of Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's 13 year old sister - she seriously cannot be 13... and shouldn't the mom be discouraging this? There is already one Lohan in rehab. AND reportedly, Ali and her mom have a reality show in the works... WOW. Reality shows have sunk to a new low.

Gwen Stefani: Early Winter

Ever wanted to see Gwen Stefani writhe around in a wedding dress as red feathers fall from the ceiling of a grand ballroom? Well, now is your chance. Check out the video for her latest single, "Early Winter" off her album The Sweet Escape. The plot seems a bit abstract (Who is the mystery man with her? And why is Gwen running through the street with her dress all bunched up? And who runs in ball gown in the first place?) but the emotional message is not. She's singing about heartbreak – and it sounds (and looks) lovely.

Katherine Heigl Is Obsessed With This Face

I think she's going through a VT "suprised look" in pictures phase...

Marciano: Deal or No Deal?

As I've been heading to Town Center more, I've started going into more stores. I grew up wearing some Guess, but quickly outgrew it. Then Guess came out with their "grown" up/sexy more upscale line, Marciano - and still I didn't bite. But I think I'm giving in this season... there are definitely some items including the attached that I think I can get into.

They are definitely using a lot of plum - which is supposed to be the color of the season.

Half and Half

"I want a divorce, honey and by the way, I won the lottery and am not splitting it with you." That's basically what Arnin Ramdass did and now his wife is suing for half. Apparently, Arnin just disconnected the phone and kept the TV off , but it wasn't until his wife received a postcard congratulating them on their new home that she put the pieces together. In fact, she "googled" his name and lotto and discovered that Arnin had won the lottery with 18 of his co-workers. My favorite thing about the article is how she confronted him, "I said, 'Do you have any news you want to share with me,"' Campbell recalled telling her husband. "He said, 'No. What are you talking about?' I said, 'The lottery."


The House Of Mental

Just wanted to let you all know about my new favorite tee - "I Love Shoes, Bags & Boys"... the shirt is designed by the "House of Mental" studio and after looking at their other shirts, it doesn't seem to be the best one! Check them out if you want a kitchy little tee... My new favorite (if you know my nazi mom at all) is "Mom said it's Okay".

Small shout out to the design team at "House of Mental" who has been following this blog!