Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Great Gift Idea!

The new company offers beautiful sepia-toned photos of found letter-shaped objects. Simply pick the letters you want — think picket fences, ladders, arches on old buildings, and tons more — and arrange them to spell out a word of your choosing. And at just $4 a letter, you’ll find yourself concocting entire sentences...

Founder/photographer Jennifer Blakeley traveled for a year to capture these stunning images that go perfectly with almost any preexisting decor, so they make awesome gifts for weddings, showers, baby rooms, etc... you name it!

World's Largest Pool...No, Not The Ocean

Although it might as well be. The San Alfonso del Mar is a 1,013 meter, 19-acre pool on the central coast of Chile. It holds 66 million gallons of filtered sea-water and even has a 115-foot deep end. Although I think we can all agree this is actually less of a pool and more of a man-made lake.

Now, this should be a rule: if you can boat on it, it's not a pool. But that's just me. As you can see, the pool is just a stone's throw from the beach, which begs the question, "Did you not see that massive natural pool right there before you built this thing?" Regardless, it took approximately five years and $2 billion to complete. Maintenance costs are estimated to be about $4 million a year -- and that's just to retrieve leaves and bugs!

How Much Would You Pay To Have Lunch With Warren Buffett?

Here's a unique mark of inflation, Warren Buffett's annual auctioned (on Ebay) lunch brought in more than three times the amount that it did last year. Last year, the lucky luncher bid $650,100 but this year, Chinese businessman Zhao Danyang offered $2.1 million to lunch with the famous investor at the Smith and Wollensky steakhouse in New York. Back in 2005, the winning bidder paid just $351,100 for the privlege.

The proceeds go to a non-profit foundation which fights poverty and homelessness. So far Buffett has raised over $4 million, but his biggest charitable move has been his declaration that he will give the bulk of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates charitable organization upon passing.

Kim Catrall Likes Weiners

This Is Sort Of Jetson-ish

When will they come out with flying cars? While the technology isn’t quite there yet for the 3G iPhone, but they're pitching that holograph 3-D messaging may eventually replace voicemail, email and texting as the favorite mode of communication among the tech-enabled. Like videoconferencing, holographic messages would have an appeal limited to those rare people who don’t mind seeing themselves on camera. But amazing...

Wedding Betting...

From the guy behind "Overheard in New York" (a cult favorite amongst some of my friends), comes "Wedding Betting" - a delightfully despicable site that lets you predict the nuptial success of unsuspecting lovebirds based entirely on submitted couple photos (a Hot or Not for judging eternal bliss).

Predicting's highly scientific: simply check out the pic and read a brief description ("together since 17", "Russ is a management consultant"), then select whether they'll last "barely past the altar", 1-15 years, or "live happily ever after". After you weigh in, WB displays crowd-sourced probabilities (number of voters, average no. of years 'til predicted split), then displays a photo of another couple, compelling you to judge again, and again, and again, until you turn off your computer and buy a cat. WB also lets you submit couples for judgment, and even link to their wedding site/announcement...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dubai Has Too Much Cash

This is unreal... when U.S. if facing foreclosure at all time high rates, there is yet another amazing construction project that has been launched for Dubai - The "Dynamic Tower of Dubai". The $700 million project is an 80-story building where each floor rotates so that everyone gets a 360-degree view (the full rotation takes between one and three hours). The tower will have 10 full floor apartments in which the owner can control the rotation. The rest of the floors will include a luxury hotel.

The structure is going to have a fluid look, sometimes stacked all together and sometimes looking like a set of children's blocks. The apartments will start around $3,000 per square foot!!! Each floor will be prefabricated in a factory in Italy, shipped to the site and then attached to the core. Fisher says that this could mean floors could go up as quickly as one every seven days and plans a 2010 completion date. He sees this type of prefabrication as the way of the future. The building will also have wind turbines between each floor to provide energy.

1 in 5? That's About Right...

This week, a study was released that says 17% of Americans will get some kind of cosmetic surgery in 2015. That basically means almost 1 out of every 5 people in the nation will go under the knife that year in order to "fix" some kind of perceived flaw -- and that number includes children. (You know the drill, look to your right, look to your left. 1 of you will get some type of surgery...)

Of course, a vast majority of these people will be adults, and some will have a lot of work done. But still, that's a lot of people putting their health at risk to do an "elective" surgery, don't you think? Part of the reason that people are flocking to surgery is that it's perceived as totally safe. Plus, the number and types of procedures are always growing. Apparently, one of the hottest procedures is breast reduction surgery for men.

Boobs for Barack?Literally

There is a new website of user-submitted photos of women who draw messages in support of Barack Obama on their boobs....yes, their boobs. Even if Obama doesn’t win the election, he can at least look back on the past year and think to himself, “It’s been a really good campaign" - from "Obama Girl" to "Boobs for Barack".... what is this really saying about his constituency? Hmmm... let's just say that this is one of the more "tame" photos...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not An Innovative Change To The Speedo

Ummm...who would wear this? It's like a Speedo with a constraining necktie... plus, the NUDE color over the guy's crotch. TERRIBLE. Just when I thought a Speedo couldn't get worse, Alexander McQueen did it.

If Your Stomach Can Handle It...

Yes, that's "Mini-Me" Verne Troyer in a sex tape shot with his former live-in girlfriend at the couple's apartment. A third party has snatched up the tape and although no deal has been made, we hear dealer Kevin Blatt, who brokered the deal for Paris' video, is entertaining a $100k offer from SugarDVD to distribute the nastiness...would have thought the tape was worth at least ONE BILLION DOLLARS...

NOTE: You have to click link to watch video- the above is just a picture.

I Want These Piggies!

Pig earbuds cost $12 and makes it look like a little dachshund/pig hybrid has burrowed through your head whenever you listen to music. Oink!

Another Trashy Series by VH1! YESSSSSSSS!!!

This is an extended trailer for the new VH1 reality show "I Love Money", which features favorite cast members (Rodeo, anyone?) from Flavor of Love 1 & 2 (Hoops), Rock of Love 1 & 2, and I Love New York 1 &2 (Entertainer sucking toes). It's akin to those Real World/Road Rules Challenges, and there's no point to the show other than to win money and stab people in the back... which is just about the perfect thing for all these reality "stars" to be involved in. The challenges are based on events that happened in the shows in which they first appeared, for example, there's a spitting challenge, like when Pumkin spit on New York, and a joust in match on a giant bed, from when Saphyri beat that one girl up five minutes into moving into the Flavor of Love house.

Just In Case You're Wondering

Just in case you were dying to know... A global sex survey found that Italians have the highest orgasm rate. The study also revealed found the Chinese to be the most sexually incapacitated, achieving orgasms during only 19% of their sexual encounters. Great... Factors that increased chances of reaching the "O" included: delaying climax, more foreplay, and strong emotional relationships.

I've Seen Karolina Kurkova Looking Better

The Czech supermodel was criticized in the Brazilian press for having “back fat, love handles and cellulite” after a recent swimwear show. Yikes! Kurkova did a show for the Brazilian swimwear brand Cia Maritima and even though it's clear that the supermodel has gained some weight since the question is, is she too "fat" to do a show like that?! The debate seems to be in full swing in the fashion world, what do you all think?!

Too Cute For Words...

Hope, the appropriately named two-legged Maltese puppy gets around by using a specially-designed device which features wheels from a model aeroplane.

The beloved pooch was born with only two legs and has small wriggling nubs where her front legs should be. At first Hope moved around by hopping but experts said her her natural mode of moving eventually would damage her bones and spine.

The persistent puppy has mastered the art of wheeling herself around, and now there is no stopping her. In fact she can bound across a room at a surprisingly break-neck pace. 'She never knew anything other than hopping like she did. The hardest thing is teaching her a new way to get around that's going to actually be better for her,' he added.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Is Just Disturbing

Bacon flavored dental floss? I guess it's supposed to clean in between your teeth and leaves you with a nice bacon-y aftertaste. Brush with egg-flavored toothpaste and it's part of a well balanced breakfast. UGH. Who would use this? Isn't the point of flossing and brushing to feel nice and (preferably minty) fresh? And this is $4.95? You've got to be kidding me!

And in the corner for people who liked "Bacon Floss", McPhee recommends "Bacon Mints."

Does Amy Winehouse Spray Tan?

Look at how orange her hands her... and how streaky she looks. If only we can get a look at her feet...on second thought, no thanks.

Mary Kate Olson Parties? Shocking

I'm not sure what Mary Kate is doing, so you be the judge.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Like It or Ehhh?

Hayden Panettiere just cut off about 10 inches of hair and is sporting this nice little bob.

The eighteen-year old actress said, “With extensions and stuff because my hair is down to here still on the show, it’s like every other day it’s a bob. And then it’s dark, and then it’s blonde and long, so it’s kind of nice not to have to wake up in the morning and have your hair sticking out to one side.”
And the best part of her short new do? “It’s like, oh my gosh, it’s so easy! I can run out the door.” Did she seriously say that?

Kinda Looks Like Dad

Nicole Richie took out her 5-month old daughter Harlow- who seriously bears a striking resemblance to dad Joel Madden.

Have You Participated in Financial Infidelity?

Meet Tara Padua Wise. Tara shops at the same store twice a week, throws away receipts, refuses bags, cuts off tags when her husband isn't looking and pretends that everything she owns, her husband already knew about. She likes to shop, hates to budget, and doesn't think it's the biggest deal that she lies to her husband about her shopping habits. One time, he came home with two sweaters and a pair of shoes for himself, so she flew to Montreal and spent more money than she's willing to admit out of revenge. Are they a divorce waiting to happen?

I would guess that anyone who spends that much energy lying about a new shirt (even if they can afford it) and admits that she doesn't even recall most of her lies has bigger problems than a little shopping habit, but that's just me. To be truthful, I could see myself "hiding" the occasional purchase. In fact, I do that already...but I'd like to say I'm not THAT extreme. However, if that husband of mine wants to buy his Royal Oak Offshore, you better believe I'm getting a Birkin.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Bride Wore Charmin

I had the fortunate experience of playing the toilet paper dress game this weekend... believe me, it is a lot harder than it appears. Apparently, it's not so hard for Katrina Chalifoux of Rockford, Illinois. Her sheath-style sheath-style wedding gown, made of molded toilet paper, won first prize yesterday in a in a T.P.-wedding dress design contest sponsored by Ripley's Believe it or Not!, Charmin and The top six gowns are now on display at the Times Square "odditorium."

Man Attempts Robbery With Palm Frond

Gelando Olivieri was a man with a plan. A plan of robbing V&F Discount Beverage on Voorhis Avenus in Deland, Florida with a palm frond sword and sandal shield. However the plan was foiled when a brave patron pushed Olivieri from the store with a little wooden stool. Gelando -- what an idiot. A palm frond? Really? Jesus, you could have at least used a rose bush...posion ivy?

Bathing In Udon Broth...Just Another Sunday

Food-themed spas are just one of the trends listed in's feature on Japan's latest could-be trends, from ramen-noodle baths to self-cleaning toilets (Madonna is reportedly a fan).
One of the first to cash in on this trend is Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a spa theme park in Hakone with a menu of "amusement baths." Hakone is a spot for a wine bath. Not feeling wine? Perhaps you would prefer a soak in green-tea, coffee, or sake at this place.

I'd go for a ramen-noodle bath, myself, which is shaped and outfitted like a ramen bowl. Chopsticks and noodle decorations hang over the hot tub; the pepper-flavored water is flecked with skin-healthy collagen and garlic extracts; and, best of all, "a man dressed as a chef dispenses noodle-shaped bath additives" and soy sauce into the water.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Isn't Even Real

Is Ice-T and his wife Coco for real? Rather, is Coco serious?


For all the fashion commentary. But I couldn't help but post Rhianna in these crazy ass (unfortunately) Balenciaga shoes. They look like shin guards!

That's Hot

Two Anne Hathaway posts in two days... but this time, she's looking like her normal awesome self. That new haircut is hot!

Why Didn't I Think of This?

The Summit shopping center, in Louisville, Kentucky, runs a shopping day camp for girls ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 12. "Each session focuses on three stores within the shopping center, where campers learn how to put together and accessorize outfits. But they also visit stores that teach lessons in organization (Office Depot), how to find information (Barnes & Noble) and the importance of thank-you notes (Hallmark)."

Says the program's founder, "not everyone can be a cheerleader or a football player." What that has to do with anything, I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure that this "Shopping Day Camp" was developed by a housewife that had nothing better to do with her time than take her kid to the mall and call it camp. Finally, a job that I can be good at!

Kinda Wrong...but Kinda Funny


Is This The Best A Style Icon Can Do?

Sienna Miller is losing some serious footing as a style icon. Miller is pulling a look that not even the Olsons would consider.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Would Probably Bother Me...

This commentary isn't directed at Blake Lively, per se... but if my boyfriend/husband/significant other was a lot skinnier than I was (and I was skinny to begin with), I would be really annoyed. In all pictures, I would by default look heavy, even if I weren't. Does anyone feel me on this?

The Look Says It All: Part 2

I saw a whole series of pictures like this- Lance Armstrong just walks way in front of her, as if he could care less... in fact, he just looks annoyed that Kate Hudson is touching him. Sign of bad things to come? I think he's got the "ICK."

The Look Says It All

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong were caught leaving his Manhattan apartment yesterday. I think the look on Kate's face says it all: "Seriously, we didn't have sex. Despite this insane smile on my face..."

Is Anne Hathaway...

Pulling a: A) "I've got chillls...and they're multiplying" look; or B) "Ms. Hathaway, if you're nasty" look? I hope this whole breakup isn't getting to her, she usually looks so normal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

J. Crew Coupon Code!

If you're as obsessed with J. Crew as I am right now (and you should be), get 20% off any order of $125 or more at J. Crew with the code "PRIVSALE" at the checkout. The code will be valid until June 18.

Scratch n' Sniff Lotto Tickets

Apparently, the Colorado Lottery will be offering scratch and sniff lotto tickets now. Why? So if you don't win, you can say, "this stinks". HAHAH... I crack myself up.

In all seriousness, Colorado lottery scratch product manager Todd Greco says the chocolate and floral crossword tickets will hopefully have a special appeal for female players, who make up a large percentage of the lottery's crossword game customers.

Q: Bed Sheet, Shower Curtain or Marshmallow?

A: What is Charlize Theron's dress? I have to admit those shoes are amazing though.


On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart hilariously mocked the media's willingness to peddle insane rumors about Barack Obama — and their tendency to blame the rumor-mongering on internet sites. Calling it "Baracknophobia," Stewart showed clips of anchor and pundits from all three cable networks repeating baseless rumors (Muslim, plagiarist, sexist, etc.) about Barack Obama (and his wife Michelle).

The highlight of the clip comes about 2:25 in, when Stewart says, "Oh, this is interesting. SomeguyI' is reporting presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama has lady parts. Obviously scurrilous and unfounded, we'll examine it tonight in our special, 'Barack Obama's Vagina: The October Surprise In His Pants.'"

A must watch, friends.

American Apparel Is...Umm..."Diversifying" Their Portfolio

I haven't been to American Apparel for a long time...but I have noticed that their advertisements have been getting a little "sexual." Well, they must be moving in that direction, as American Apparel now carries the Hitachi Magic Wand, also known as “The Cadillac of Vibrators.”

A New Way To Wed... Underwater

The Hilton Petaling Jaya in Malaysia is offering a special Underwater Wedding Package for people who want to get married underwater... Vera Wang will soon have to start making snorkeling gear, and maybe flotation device garter belts. I don't want a wedding outdoors- much less a wedding underwater!

The first catch is that you have to invite at least 60 guests, but only 8 of them can be underwater including the bride and groom. So brides-to-be, if your dream is to have your wedding pictures taken underwater with snot running from your nose and your hair waving in random directions, this is the package for you.

Business On Top and Party On The Bottom

The real question is who doesn't need this Business "Bib" Suit? What is a business bib suit you say? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's a short bib suit that you can throw on when there’s a business video conferencing call to be had. This is only, of course, if you work from home AND you’re the laziest person in the world. If you answered yes to the above, then this glorified suit dickie is for you.

You may be asking, is this a real item? I want to answer with a resounding YES. The "Business Bib's" motto is, "Nothing speaks to freedom louder than a halfsuit." And searching through the website reveals that they are SOLD OUT. This just can't be serious, it's honestly the mullet of business suits.

And it gets better!!! Once you choose the bib for you, there are HILARIOUS descriptions within them. I chose, "Preston Lowry," which meant (now this is verbatim), "You’re a stuntman… at least in the corporate realm. Every day, you defeat the odds while they are ‘leaping’ off agendas, ‘crashing’ on Egyptian cotton, ‘plowing’ through two western omelets at the egg bar. You crave the thrills and the danger creates a high. Let the Preston Lowry help you come down in style."

Monday, June 16, 2008

This Looks Photoshopped

Ben Affleck's head (and head only) looks like it's been photoshopped into this photo.

Normal or Psychotic Reaction: You Decide

When a one-night-stand failed to call her again, Kristina Caban decided to take things into her own hands and lure him, years later, to a cheap motel room so she and her boyfriend could tie him down and brand his flesh with the letter "R." Samir "Sammy" Sara was enticed to a Chelsea hotel room by Caban with the promise of some midday nookie, the Associated Press reports, instead, Sara was met by Caban's boyfriend, Robert Testagrossa, and another as-yet-at-large thug, who tasered him, held him down and branded him with a heated metal wire in the shape of an R. Caban plead guilty and was sentenced on Friday to five years in prison. Testagrossa also got five years. The New York State Supreme Court Justice who sentenced Testagrossa and Caban called the crime "not remotely justifiable."


In getting ready for my upcoming bridal party duties, I've been keeping a sharp eye out for lingerie. Anyways, Victoria's Secret has a "bridal" line now - you know all white stuff with sparkly stuff on the ass that says, "Just Married"... or tanks with rhinestones with "My Fiance Is Cheesier Than Yours." (ok, not really, but that's how I feel about it). Anyways, they have some cute stuff though (the corset/garter sets are undeniably cute), which always gets me back in the store.

However, the recent sighting of the this "HINT HINT" underwear with a graphic of an engagement ring is flat out STUPID and may just prevent me from setting foot into Victoria's Secret again for fear of getting stupider. However, if you're actually buying these, then you're probably dating a guy who only listens to you when you're talking out of your ass. In which case, you deserve each other. Mazel!

My Digital Camera Does Not Do This...

This picture is simply incredible and was taken by a local Iowan staring outside her window. Apparently, when the weather turned violent and stormy last Tuesday, Lori Mehmen had the presence of mind to grab her digital camera and take this photo. The local paper picked it up and eventually has been the picture spread everywhere by the AP.

The local paper reported that no injuries from this tornado, but clearly Iowa has not been so lucky with other tornadoes and widespread flooding. This picture captures something so devastating, yet is so beautiful that you almost forget how destructive nature can be.

Loehmanns Coupon

If you need the e-mail bar code, just e-mail me at: and I will forward it to you! The 20% off at Loehmanns is only good from June 17-June 25, 2008 - but off your entire purchase.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Strapless What?

Ummm... this is a strapless THONG. Now, no one can seriously argue that visible panty lines are fun, but these Strapless G-Strings by Shibue are a bit much... and once I read the company's advertising of the product as being "perfect for form-fitting dresses, pole dancing, and sunbathing" that I realized I wasn't really the kind of clientele who'd enjoy such a product. Before you can still check it. A little creepy, right? Like a pretty maxipad, or the most popular panties of a magical stripper...

Modeling Pays (Well) Apparently

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady rocked the casual jeans attire as they left their apartment in NYC yesterday with Gisele's pup. Seems like this couple is always on the go, which is why Gisele put some of that hard-earned money to use and bought herself a $50 million Gulfstream G550 private jet — can't blame her for wanting to skip those airport lines, I suppose. Too bad the jet won't be ready until 2010, so Gisele and Tom will still have to get to their tropical vacations the good old-fashioned commercial way until then.