Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, She's Not So Frugal, Eh?

YES! I'm tired of reading stories about how penny-wise Michelle Obama is... really, I am. Hurrah- she is wearing J.Crew to see the Queen of England... but then, she's wearing these (albeit extremely ugly) $540.00 Lanvin sneakers to the food bank to scoop food. I'm sure there will be some public statement issued that these shoes were purchased at the outlet for 90%...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quite Possibly...

The worst photo I have ever, ever seen of Pamela Anderson. Without argument, Pamela Anderson is in great shape- but really? Do we still have to see everything at her age??

The Shadow Hare...

The Shadow Hare patrols the streets of Cincinnati... inciting uncontrollable laughter in criminals everywhere. You have to register to be a Superhero now?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Resolves It...

If anyone still believes that Lindsay Lohan has fake boobs, I present you Exhibit "1"- a side shot of Lindsay. Flapjacks anyone? (Ugh, I hate that word).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess Who This Is?

Seriously- I'm BETTING the farm (if I had one) that you can't possibly identify who this is...

Cyndi Laudper... What happened to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."


Little bunnies are so cute... While I think this bunny is extremely small, I think that guy's hands are ginormous...

Ummm.... This Is Probably Illegal To Post In Some Countries

I do feel mildly awkward posting this photo...but honestly, it was like a train wreck. There is so many things wrong with this photo...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The New Kanye Louis Vuitton Ad

All I see is ass crack.... what is being sold here? I'm wondering if this is how he met Amber Rose now...

Has She Ever Heard of Sunscreen?

Kim Kardashian looking quite burned... What are those lines even from? Can't possibly be sunglasses?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A DEEP FRIED Cadbury egg... you can seriously fry anything! How about some nice vanilla ice cream too... yum!
Found it on a website called, "This Is Why You're Fat". Is it bad that everything on that site looked delicious?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Deal of The Day

I was at the mall today (surprise) and fell in love with this darling little dress! Lightweight denim, ruffle- perfect for the summer with some bright jewelry and some flip flops! And because it's from Forever 21- you know it's affordable ($27.80)!!

Power Ranger On Death Row

29-year-old Skylar Deleon was sentenced to death for murdering a married couple over their yacht in 2004 by tying them . He claims he murdered them so he could sell the boat in order to finance a sex change operation. Skylar revealed that he wants to be a woman so badly that he tried to cut off his own penis.
“I basically took a sheet and tied it around my lower extremity … I tied it around and I went to cut it off,” he told ABC News. And his wife was down with this plan??? Strange.
What?? The earnings from Power Rangers wasn't enough??

Was She On Drugs?

In what could only be called a stupid move…a 32 year old woman jumped the fence at the Berlin Zoo's polar bear enclosure to get closer to the animals. At first she was ecstatic about being in the water, but that turned to terror when the polar bears attacked her... in fact, she swam toward them!!! WHY?!?!?! I don't know what would ever possess anyone to jump over a fence, into the water surrounded by BEARS. The zoo keepers were able to distract that bears with some beef, so lucky for this woman, she only has injury to her arms and back.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

PLUS: Get 25% off your order of $50 or more at Steve Madden with the discount code "SCRATCH25" before April 10!

Too Funny...

While they really look nothing alike- this photo of Katie Holmes next to Michael Jackson sure makes a case.

YES!!! Real Housewives of New Jersey!!

What took so long?? Last night Bravo aired a 30-minute preview of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, in which the women say "revy" instead of "very" and "buh-bies" instead of "breasts." It looks revy, revy freakin' awesome.

While no one says a single word about "diamond whore" Housewife Teresa's husband's "construction" business, all the ladies were going off about 45-year-old Danielle's past (which include accusations of prostitution, stripping, kidnapping, and something about the "Colombian cartel"). A table gets flipped over eventually and vino gets all over the place. Want more? Part 2 and 3 are here:


Now what does that look like to you? One Colorado woman's love for tofu has been judged X-rated by state officials. Kelly Coffman-Lee wanted to tell the world about her fondness for bean curd by picking certain letters for her SUV's license plate.Unfortunately, the Division of Motor Vehicles blocked her plan because they thought the combination of letters could be interpreted as profane.
Says Department of Revenue spokesman Mark Couch: "We don't allow 'FU' because some people could read that as street language for sex."

Are We Supposed To Feel Bad??

So the inevitable breakup finally happened, and now Lindsay is “dealing” on the cover of Us Weekly. What's amazing is how quickly they pulled this article together. Didn't she only get dumped last Friday?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Made This Decision?

Who is in charge of this? Dignitary gift giving on behalf of the President has got to be the ultimate personal shopper job... You have to understand culture, relevance, the individual - the whole shabang. So, when I read that the President got the Queen of England an iPod - I really have to wonder who thought of that and WHY. Then they uploaded some photos of her trip to America in 2007-- you know, at a time when he wasn't President.

Just a while ago, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the White House in March and the British press panned Obama's presentation of the "Top 100" American movies/DVDs as flat out classless- because the DVDs didn't work in European players. Again, no one looked into that?

Whatever happened to a nice pin? A vase? A frame? I know, how about a J. Crew cardigan?,0,7701231.story

A Bit Aggressive... Even For Me

I love hardware more than the average girl... but even I think these boots are a little over the top. Meghan Fox looks more awesome than ever though... is it the singledom?

Again, I Don't Get It...

The whole fascination with Michelle Obama's wardrobe is beyond me... it's like the time Angelina Jolie wore a Gap shirt - "How innovative!", "Understated chic!".... Seriously, America and the media need to STOP calling her the fashion icon of our time. As one of my dearest friends said (who actually owns this exact outfit), "If I can purchase this on my hourly salary, then it shouldn't be iconic."

GRANTED- this is a good outfit. But to meet the Prime Minister and the Queen of England? REALLY? There are SOOO many other American designers that you can represent- how about Donna Karan? Michael Kors? Ralph Lauren?

Honestly, her wearing this "affordable" fashion makes me feel worse about the economy. If the First Lady of our country is on a budget and needs to cut back, then where does that leave us? Hell in a handbasket, baby!

A Halloween Idea Already?

I can honestly say I've never seen a "sexy" Pikachu costume before... I strangely kind of like it.