Monday, August 16, 2010

Another CLASSY Baby Shower Cake

Since my last posting on the "Classy Baby Shower Cake" was such a hit, I figured that people needed another one. (My previous post)

Playing Piano With His Toes

No idea what the first two minutes of the video says... undoubtedly something inspiring and amazing. But Liu Wei has more piano playing talent in his left foot than most of us have in both hands or will have in this lifetime. He recently advanced to the next round in “China's Got Talent”. [note: The song is called “Dream Wedding.” Playing starts about 2 minutes in.]

Linguistically Stupid...

Can you be thrown out of a Starbucks? Apparently so. This woman threw a fit over the "linguistically stupid" question of whether she wanted butter or cheese with her bagel. Okee... This is also the same woman who refuses to say, "Venti" or "Tall", and prefers to just say small, medium or large. WHY GO TO STARBUCKS THEN IF YOU HATE IT SO MUCH? Seriously, people just like to get annoyed and to annoy people.