Thursday, July 31, 2008


Had to share this little awkward moment caught on film as a movie theater switches from Hancock to The Dark Knight.

I Can't Believe It's Not Steve Perry

I love Journey... and in anticipation of the concert tonight, I wanted to post "Don't Stop Believin'". Here is the shocking part though- it's NOT Steve Perry. It's a young Phillipino guy that was (wait for it) discovered on YOUTUBE!!!! This is unreal. Arnel Pineda is AMAZING.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

May Cheesus Be With You

Jesus appears to mankind again, this time as a Cheeto. This incarnation of Jesus, discovered by Kelly Ramey of Missouri, doubles as a dangerously cheesy(TM) snack food item. "Most of her family and friends believe it looks like a mini orange sculpture of Jesus on the cross. Ramey and her husband call it "Cheesus." Ramey doesn't plan to sell the Cheeto because it's bringing a lot of joy into her home. She will keep it in a safe deposit box or put it on display so more people can enjoy it."

As I suspected, Cheetos are the "chosen" snack... I must eat more of them to be saved. Britney Spears must have gotten that memo before all of us.

Members Only

Dude. I'm not going to lie... I really like Members Only jackets...and they seem to be making a comeback!! YESSSSS!! True story: When I thought I was cool teen, I wore a child's one and now they have them for women! Buy this nylon bomber in black, gray or black for $143 at Active Endeavors.

How Long Did She Go For?

Liv Tyler, unless she is flying privately, probably paid $500 in extra bag fees for her commercial flight. Where and HOW long is she going for?


I know it's only Wednesday, but this week seems so long, so I thought I'd give you some cuteness to celebrate the close of this hump day. What do you think this newborn puppy is dreaming about? I'd give anything for a peek inside his head to find out. Anyway, I'm just about ready to curl up and take a nap of my own...

I Would Have Flipped Out

I didn't report on the quake yesterday in LA, so I felt I had to do my news reporting duty. Check out Judge Judy's reaction yesterday when the earthquake started during a taping. She remained almost irrationally calm... I would have flipped out and ran somewhere... similar to the cleared courthouse.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking Reggie's Advice?

Kim Kardashian looks like she has been taking her dieting and exercise really serious...but to her detriment? She doesn't look as pretty or bubble as she normally does (at least to me) in some recent photos.

Can You Say Comeback?

Britney Spears is dropping a ton of coin to, scientifically speaking, tighten her ass up. How much you ask? She's spending roughly $22,000.00 a month on a personal trainer, nutritionist and dance choreographer. Apparently, Britney was getting sick of the constant pregnancy rumors, so she decided to do something about it that, surprisingly, didn't involve flashing her "Betty" (see below) getting outside of the car. Wow, she has changed.

The Daily Mail reports: "She has also taken on some of Victoria Beckham's diet tips, eating plenty of steamed fish and snacking on edamame beans. Britney also endures intensive work-outs with Pussycat Dolls' personal trainer James Van Daff as well as three-hour dance classes six times a week." The source added: "Britney piled on a lot of weight earlier this year. She was so stressed about the custody case and her medication for her bipolar disorder also made her put on weight. She was tired of being flabby and wanted to do something about it.'Now, says the insider: 'Britney is so proud of herself because her ab muscles are back. She's feeling better than she has in ages."
I will say, you can definitely see the $22,000/month at work.

Now I Know How Ridiculous People Must Think I Am

I like dressing up Ling (my little shih tzu). I admit it -- but hey, I don't do it ALL the time. Only for special occassions - all holidays or when people come over... ok, too often. Anyways, I just came across these pictures of an annual Guinea Pigs Festival in Peru, where people show their guinea pigs in their finest gear and it looks ridiculous.

And in one of my bigger "Debbit Downer" moments, strangely and sadly enough, they served guinea pigs there to eat as well. WHOOOOOMP WHOOOOMP.

Match The Carpet and the Curtains

A pubic (yes, I said pubic) hair dye line called Betty Beauty is allegedly “boldly going where no color has gone before.” Nancy Jarecki created the south-of-the-border hair dye line so women can match the color of their tresses with the color of their "Betty." I've never heard anyone calling theikr nether region called a "Betty" - have you?

Anyways, the folks at Vogue, People, Vanity Fair and Oprah Magazine have all raved about Betty Beauty -so it MUST mean that it is in fact safe, trendy, and won’t rub off on you or your partner.

Dude, That's Mr. Belding

Do you remember Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell?" If not, this probably wouldn't help, but he must be about 60 by now and still does he even still get invited to these parties? Zack Morris would and AC Slater would be so proud.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dragon, Snake, Balls, Salads...

PRS 25 is rock-paper-scissors with 25 different gestures, also known as rock, paper, scissors, gun, dynamite, nuke, devil, laser, alien, moon, snake, sponge, cardboard, spoon, candle, dragon, geekologie writer, bowl, water, magic, dagger, tank, air, something, nachos, leopard, something, etc.. If 25 gestures is too many for you, there is also standard rock-paper-scissors and either 5, 7, 9, 11, and 15 gesture varieties (and a mind-boggling 101-gesture version HERE). I like some of the explanations for why one particular sign beats another. Like, "Rock crushes woman", "Monkey flings poop at woman"....

Ummm... Did She Age In A Matter of A Second?

Seriously- has everyone seen these new pictures of Madonna looking like death hit her? I don't know if this is just poor cosmetic surgery or she's decided to lose 20 lbs. overnight... her veins in her arm are just crazy too!

Mother of The Year Material

The New York Post cover features this disturbing photo of Britney Spears’ 2-year-old son, Sean Preston, reaching for a pack of her cigarettes. Britney supposedly snatched the cigarettes out of the 2-year-old’s hand, but the photo is disconcerting nonetheless.

Can You Balance Beer and Have Sex?

There is this new ad from Guinness beer which alludes to a girl balancing a beer on her back while having sex. If you can balance a beer on your back, you’re having really boring sex.

Friday, July 25, 2008

World's Biggest Cow?

The pictured cow's name is Chilli and he's described as a "gentle giant." His owners have contacted the Guinness Book of Records who are currently assessing his credentials and comparing them to other big boned bovines. The black and white Friesian bullock weighs well over a ton and at the same height as a small elephant and casts a shadow over his cattle companions who are about 5ft. Chilli the giant bullock stands at 6ft 6ins and weighs well over a ton and despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat.

Perhaps his title as world's largest cow will save him from his fate of being made into chili... ooh, ice cold.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Death of A Slip

In today's Wall Street Journal, Christina Binkley tells us that the slip is an endangered species and, further, that the demise of the slip heralds the Demise of Modesty. '"It seems that slips sort of went the same way that virginity went," says Karen Nelson, a 57-year-old expat American who recently moved to Uruguay. "What a slip says about its wearer today is 'fuddy duddy.'"'

I haven't worn a slip since I was in high school (for this amazing Ralph Lauren off white dress that was just gorgeous with these little blue flowers)... even though, it's been a while, I think that slips are so feminine and ladylike. Also, if slips looked like the one that Liz Taylor is wearing (and you had her stunning good looks), I would be first in line to buy and wear it around my house in heels with feathers and miniature martini glass in hand. Tres chic!

Richard Simmons Is A Patriot

Richard Simmons is hilarious to me. This man is just non-stop energy and entertainment... like what is he possibly doing here?

Why Couldn't Marky Mark Leave Those In The 90s?

Perhaps, Mark Wahlberg wanted to make a point like, "Hey, I'm a Dad and I can still fit into those shorts I used to wear when I was hanging with the Funky Bunch." That's what 3/4 length cargo jeans shorts says to me.. in faded black no less.

Sleepy Bear!

Just another cute animal video... sorry, but I can't help but post it when I see it!

Are Jumpsuits Coming Back?

I remember my freshman year in college- Frankie B. jumpsuits. Those were the bomb...and I swore those were never coming back. But lo and behold...I've seen a few celebrities grace the red carpet in jumpsuits and I can't help but believe that the jumpsuit trend will see another day. Admittedly, I think Selma Blair looks kind of good... wide-leg bottoms are just wide enough without looking like a disco queen and the minimal accessories keep it from looking too costume-y, and tasteful amount of beading along the plunging necklace adds just enough to prevent it from being over the top.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking Good...

I rarely commend her for her fashion sense, so when I saw Venus Williams looking good... I had to post it. Come on- you can't tell me you've actually seen her look better, right?

This Seems A Little Fish-Y

A Virginia spa employs tiny carp on its pedicure clients. LITERALLY. The fish are called garra rufa, or, more commonly, doctor fish, and have been used for similar treatments in Turkey and other Asian countries. While the procedure reeks of novelty appeal, the fish apparently do a pretty bang up job, as one customer enthusiastically declared it “the best pedicure I ever had.” The owner said that he wanted to come up with something unique while finding a replacement for pedicures that use razors to scrape off dead skin. The razors have fallen out of favor with state regulators because of concerns about whether they're sanitary.... so he thought of fish??

Forcing fish to eat people’s calluses for no pay in sweatshop conditions…sounds like a case for PETA. Maybe a gimick, but interesting article nonetheless.

Not Awsome...or Is That Awesome?

The owner of Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing (classy name) in Chicago might want to think about investing in a dictionary, the Windy City shop has now been slapped with its second complaint for misspelling tattoos. Alfonse Wingfield, 30, filed a negligence lawsuit against the parlor for misspelling the word "tomorrow" on his forearm. The tattoo artist who inked Wingfield disputes the claim on the grounds that the word "tomorrow" was misspelled on the slip of paper that Wingfield gave him. Still, a little misspelling isn't the worst thing that can happen when you're getting tattooed... I've posted quite a few terrible ones in the past. If you have any- feel free to post in comments!

Does Nike Hate Gays? (I Love When I Pose Stupid Questions Like That)

Some people are interpreting Nike’s latest ad campaign as anti-gay. The ads feature photos of basketball players in somewhat "homoerotic" poses with phrases like “that ain’t right”. Nike intended for the ads to represent the embarrassment a basketball player feels when getting dunk’d on, but some people are outraged... these people need to find something BETTER to do with their time. But just to play devil's advocate- why is that guy's faced smooshed into his balls? Seriously- that's ain't right.

Bert and Ernie are HARDCORE

Someone obviously has too much time on their hands...but still hilarious. Watch Bert and Ernie "Ante Up".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, Those Crazy Japanese People Strike Again...

The iPhone 3G in Japan has a special feature unique to that country: The camera always makes a conspicuous “shutter” sound when a picture is taken, even when the phone is set to “silent” mode. Why would they need that you say?

Apparently, the loud shutter sound is supposed to deter voyeurs from taking sneaky pictures up women’s’ skirts — or down their tops. In Japan, upskirt and downblouse shots have become increasingly popular with the advent of high-resolution camera phones. As a result, all cell phones sold in Japan make a conspicuous shutter sound, or say the word “cheese” when a snap is taken, according to Nobuyuki Hayashi, a tech reporter based in Tokyo. On almost all new cell phones, the camera shutter sound can not be muted, Hayashi says. In fact, “Some manufacturers have even put louder shutter sound,” he reports.

The shutter on the first iPhone sold in Japan could be muted in silent mode; an anomaly that many wondered whether Apple would correct in the iPhone 3G, Hayashi says. Apple did: The shutter sound cannot be turned off, even in silent mode in the iPhone 3G, Hayashi says.

Not To Be Rude, But...

First, of all, when anyone precedes a sentence with, "I don't mean to be rude, but..": 1) means to be rude; 2) thinks they have manners by "softening the blow"; and 3) is about to seriously say some offensive. With that being said, not to be rude, but why has Katie Holmes been looking terrible lately? Like just tired soccer mom-ish. Does she need to hang out with Posh Spice more again?

Country Doesn't Like Jessica Either...

Due to her completely lackluster pop sales, Jessica Simpson is attempting to crossover into country music, and apparently, it's not as easy as singing about your truck and loving America. Who knew, right? She gave her first "country" performance in Wisconsin and Kenosha News reports: "Many audience members found her attempt to crossover into country irritating and that her vocals lacked a southern sound."I just don't hear the country in her; I don't hear the twang. She's not good enough to be here," said Adam Matos, 21, from Arlington Heights, Ill.One man summed her performance up in a single word."It's crap," said Ryan Sia, 28, from East Troy. "She doesn't belong here."
But Jessica Simpson, that cute little button she is, tried her best to win the tough crowd over by making one of her trademark retard statements: "I don't know what your perception is of Jessica Simpson or what tabloid you buy, but I just want you to know that I'm just a girl from Texas; I'm just like you. I'm doing what I love and dating a boy," Simpson said."

I seriously hope this thing with Tony Romo works out for her...because she obviously no longer has the cash to hire a stylist either.

There Are Just Too Many Things Wrong With This Picture

To begin with, even though she has the body for it - why is she wearing booty shorts? Despite the fact, she CAN at the age of 50, she shouldn't. Second of all, Ms. Pamela Anderson, as a PETA spokesperson, PROBABLY shouldn't be carrying a leather bag (who can forget the BIG deal she made about how she would only drive an Escalade after Cadillac customed one for her with pleather). Then the booties (the shoes this time), the hair, the camel toe... This list could go on forever.

Snail Art Will Probably Be Slow To Pick Up (Get It?)

When I first saw this, I thought that these snails were photoshopped.... but no. They're real. Street artist Slinkachu (not to be confused with the Pokemon Pikachu, his cousin) uses nontoxic paint to decorate the shells of wild snails, "pimping their rides." The London based street artist frees the snails after painting them and calls the project “Inner City Snail – a slow-moving street art project”.
In all seriousness, some of his stuff is pretty cool... check out the "stuff for sale" section.

It's Grown On Me...

Despite my hatred for stupid lyrics, I can't help it. Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is undeniably growing on me... Could this be the feel good song of Summer 2008? I think so....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stay Classy, Florida

This is such a classic "Florida" story, I can only say that I'm surprised this story didn't originate in South Florida.

An internal affairs report says a Daytona Beach police officer demanded free coffee and tea from a Starbucks and threatened employees with slower emergency response times if they refused.
Lt. Major Garvin, a 15-year veteran, was fired July 8. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Chief Mike Chitwood says Garvin recently failed a polygraph test that he insisted on taking. The coffeehouse's employees claim that since June 2007, Garvin had visited the store as many as six times a night while on duty. Besides demanding free drinks, workers complained that Garvin also cut in front of paying customers.

That's Some Wood

Maybe it's a classic case of, "What do you see in this picture?" (you know those ink blot tests)...but, these are some naughty looking trees to me.

Does Your Wine Need 25% of Your Fridge Space?

Side-by-side refrigerators are not a new phenomenon.... but adding a third section just for wine? The AEG-Electrolux Santo 75 598 KG offers this with a sleek design with glassed in sections and offers individual temperature controls. There is even an alarm to alert you to temperatures moving outside the desired range per section. But is this really all necessary? 25% of your space is just an OBSCENE amount to dedicate to just wine.

HOW MUCH!?!?!?

So, next time you feel crappy about yourself because you don't measure up to Hollywood types, remember this: in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year celebrities spend on clothing, some rack up huge beauty bills -- like Jennifer Aniston, who drops $20,000 a month just to look good.

I suppose now that the former Friends star is engaged to a John Mayer(yes, the National Enquirer is reporting their engagement - but who knows if that's true!), she's working hard to keep up with the younger competition. Some of her budgeted needs include: Personal training and private yoga instruction: $3,000; Private chef who prepares organic, high-protein, low-fat meals: $3,500;
"Anti-cellulite spa sculpting" treatments: $1,000 per session.

Holy crap. That's more than most people MAKE and SPEND in a month -- on everything (mortgages, car payments, college tuition, blah blah blah). No wonder Jen looks so great!

Where Is This Appropriate to Wear?

Not that I'm a "fashion expert", but I feel I can comment on this "outfit" by Katie Price. Ladies be warned -- it only takes one misplaced accessory and all of a sudden you're looking like you have a feathered penis. Seriously, was it really necessary to bedazzle the crotch area like that? The Miss America crown adds that little something "extra" too.

And just for your own sake- she's wearing this to her own BOOK SIGNING. Class act.

Must Be The Same People That Brought You "Lasting" Creme for Man

Listen up, ladies! Now you can turn back time (well, if only for your "V") with this ultra-creepy “vaginal contracting lubricant" that "temporarily tightens the walls of the vagina." So, why go through painful surgery, when you can just pick up Liquid Virgin in this packaging that looks like a cross between My Little Pony, Strawberry Ice Cream and eye drops?
Actually - smartly sold ONLY on the internet right now....because if you think picking up tampons are embarassing...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another "Cute" Animal

Again, I had to post this... it's apparently an unusually "bloated" adult White's Tree Frog (also known as Dumpy Frogs - that's real)... seriously, it looks like a cartoon character.

Forbes Reveals How To Marry A Billionaire

Forbes lays on the Cosmo when it comes to finding wives for the rich: "Today, there are just 110 eligible 10-figure bachelors, including divorced men, in the world. So what does it take to marry one? For starters, looks are great—but brains are even better." Take Melanie Craft, the romance-novelist wife of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. A wife with her own career can stay busy and well-off. Of course, there is Lucy Southworth, wife to Google founder Larry Page, who is a PhD at Stanford.

The more successful she is on her own, the more time her guy has to hire girls for rides in his Love Copter. And the less money he'll have to hand over in a future settlement. Everybody wins! Tres encouraging, Forbes.


An Australian ten-year-old girl’s decision to enter a bodybuilding competition gets support from her parents but criticism from health and sport experts who say it is inappropriate. Strange on many different levels. But what were you doing when you were ten besides just being awkward and eating Chee-tos?,22606,24033250-5006301,00.html

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Don't Know Why...

But I have a need to post this picture of a baby sumatran rhino. Only a face a mother could love... So ugly, it's strangely cute.

Simply Gorgeous

You have to admit... whatever this is for. Resse Witherspoon is looking good...

What Hit Him?

Andy Dick has finally grabbed the wrong pair of breasts (isn't he gay? hmmmm....). His drunken asshole antics got him arrested today after Andy walked out of a bar and pulled down a 17-year-old girl's top and bra, according to the AP:

"Police were called to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Murrieta at about 1:13 a.m. to investigate a report of "an intoxicated male" urinating outside the bar and causing a disturbance, according to a police statement. When they arrived, a 17-year-old girl told police that she was outside when Dick left the bar, walked up, "grabbed her tank top and bra and pulled them down and exposed her breasts," the statement said. Dick was identified by the teenager and a witness, police said. Marijuana and the drug Xanax were found his pants pockets during a search and he appeared "extremely intoxicated," police said.'

I'd say "extremely intoxicated" is an understatement. Judging by the mug shot above, Andy Dick probably thinks he's on the planet sanctuary moon of Endor... or that Satan has finally taken over his soul.

This Pool Is WAAAY Too Crowded...

Pool in China... how can you even move around?!?!

Be A Doll

Now you can create an action figure version of yourself. Only for the self admitted narcisst, Be A Doll will create a custom doll from a photo, then dress it in the outfit you choose all for ONLY $165. Totally creepy and yet so awesome. I’m hoping I can get mine with light-up earrings like Jem.. who is truly, truly outrageous.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackberry Thunder...

For all of your Blackberry addicts, Blackberry's first touch screen phone is coming out in September! Coming out as a "competitor" to the iPhone, I think Blackberry finally realized that it too much succumb to the "good looking" phone design. However, is it too little too late? By the time Thunder comes out, it will be two generations behind the iPhone. I don't think it's too little, too late though... there are just too many Blackberry addicts out there.

This won't change any plans for the Blackberry Bold, which is still slated to come out in August.

Some People Have A REALLY Sick Sense of Humor

Speechless, right? Me too. If you actually want to see more.... and it does get "better" then you can click here SICKO: :)