Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who Hasn't She Dated?

I always said, if I could come back as anyone, Naomi Campbell could be at the top of my list. She just turned 37, still looks amazing and is just a notorious (yet drop dead gorgeous) bitch! Her latest victim...err... suitor is 22 year old Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton - who is one of the first African American professional race car drivers. Hamilton is set to rake in $200 million this year. Not a bad day at work.

You know I'm not mad... get your cougar on, Naomi!

New Couple Alert...

I love Ludacris! Apparently, Gabrielle Union and Ludacris have been seen in and around town... Rumors intensified Union has been linked to Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade and was rumored to have been at the center of his divorce.

Others say that Union is actually with Chaka Zulu, Luda's manager.

America's Most Smartest Model...

Yet another reality show... but this one looks kind of catchy. Let's face it... true or not, we all assume that models are stupid. F***ck, I want them to be stupid. I NEED them to be stupid, because otherwise it would be too unfair if they were unbelievably hot and were also rocket scientists!

So, VH1 has set out to find "America's Most Smartest Model". Fourteen models, (7 men, 7 women) all of whom think they could be the smartest in America, will live together as they compete to determine which of them has what it takes to be dubbed "America's Most Smartest Model". In every episode the 'himbos' and 'bimbos' will face challenges that put both their overall intelligence and their beauty to the test. The individual or team that wins will be safe, the loser(s) will face elimination. In the end, only one model will prove they're more than just another pretty face and take home the V05 Extreme Style $100,000 prize and the coveted title of "America's Most Smartest Model." The esteemed judging panel includes Ben Stein (I love hm!). Picture taken courtesy of America's Next Top Model.


Here is what well cared for looks like - perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect dress. I usually don't like to randomnly post like this... but this look is worth it. Dress by Elie Sabb. On a related note, Project Runway returns on November 14 on the Bravo network... I can't wait!

Why Not A Driver?

I just found this recent picture of Uma Thurman riding around on a scooter in NYC? My question is- why not have a driver? And if you're environmentally friendly - why not walk? A Scooter? Maybe actors/actresses don't make as much as we think-- I mean, look at all the people getting DUIs! Get a driver for crying out loud!

This picture could have only been worse if she were wearing Crocs. HIDS.

"Pet" Peeve 2: Dressing the Same as Your Dog

WOW. This is even worse than the previous blog... someone dressing the same as their dog. WOW. This is way worse, because you are dressing your dog and you had the foresight to buy the "twin" outfit. Honestly, why?

Oh yeah - that fugly checkered purse (which you can buy in Chinatown for 50 cents) is $2400 at Louis Vuitton right now. LV is seriously trying us.

Pet Peeve: Couples Dressing Alike

WHY do couples choose to dress alike? I remember in high school, it was so cool to dress like your boyfriend. I never did, thankfully... In any event, what you do in high school is forgivable (or so I would like to think)... but when you are living with your boyfriend, you know what he is wearing before you walk out of the house. There is absolutely NO reason to dress alike.

The latest victims: Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend.

Pam Anderson... Is Third Time the Charm?

No, she's not getting her boobs redone (or else we would be at 6 or 7 times...), Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon recently applied for a marriage license and were approved. You may know Salomon best from his hit movie with Paris Hilton, "One Night In Paris."

Earlier this month, Anderson, appearing on Ellen DeGeneres's show, revealed that she was dating a new mystery man. "I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love," Anderson told DeGeneres of her new guy. "It's so romantic. It's romance."

All I can say is what amazing hair.,,20068859,00.html

Awful Words Named After Real People

NERD ALERT... I love knowing these things. These are words that we use every day that came from real people. Highlights...

  • Tawdry named for St. Audrey who wore audacious necklaces
  • Draconian came from lawyer who wanted lazy put to death
  • General Henry Shrapnel built more deadly cannonballs

What Can You Get For $47,100?

What a huge waste of money... $47,000 for a present for a 10 year old kid? Do you know what $47,000 can buy? While the family wishes to remain "anonymous"- won't we know who the 10 year old kid is once he's on the movie screen?

A 10-year-old boy will get a chance to play an extra in Will Ferrell's new movie after his father bought the role in a cancer-charity auction for more than $47,000. Will Ferrell decided to auction off a role to help a charity run by an old fraternity brother of his. The money will go to the Cancer for College foundation run by a fraternity brother of Ferrell's at the University of Southern California. The $47,100 high bidder, a man from Dallas, asked to remain anonymous. The opening bid was $5,000.

"Winning this auction means a lot to me on a very personal basis," the winner said in a statement released by the foundation. "I lost my mother to ovarian cancer a few years ago, so I feel fortunate that my 10-year-old and I are able to participate in an event involving Cancer for College and Will Ferrell."

I Need a Robot!

Who knew that we could be so close to living in the Jetsons age? Already popular in Japan and South Korea (why are those Asians so much more technologically advanced!), the developers of this new generation of robots are hoping that this will bring robots into the American home.

Many use the robot to keep watch on their homes (and take digital photos) while away or read stories to their kids... Interesting. Priced at about $500...

Anyway You Slice the Bread... Still a Communist

China has banned TV and radio ads for push-up bras and figure-enhancing underwear in the communist government's latest move to purge the nation's airwaves of what it calls "social pollution."The Chinese government believes that, "they not only seriously mislead consumers, harm the people's health, pollute the social environment, and corrupt social mores, but also directly harm the credibility of public broadcasting and affect the image of the Communist Party and the government" the notice said.

China has already also issued strict rules for TV talent shows, including the banning of "American Idol"-style mass audience voting by mobile phone text message or the Internet.

Regulators have also banned television shows about cosmetic surgery and sex changes, and a talent show that they deemed coarse.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where is Estoro, Florida?

Here is something I really don't get now... let me preface this with the fact that I love Elton John... come on, you do too! This man is known to sell out in seconds... and he is having a nine city concert and one of the cities is Estoro, Florida? Is this serious? What? Do people hate him now? Is he going to be a sideshow at the next Marlins game? What's next... and the tickets are pretty cheap too, they start at $67 and max out at $97.... and then there is another concert in Orlando. Huh?

Who wants to go... don't let the sun go down on Elton.

ps- I'm not sure if the Donald Duck picture is him, but it came up on a Google search. Cruel, I know.

Bears Brothers...

If you're not watching, here is a reason to. This is Viki's friend... my question is, who is that chick in the back? Not a good angle for her... Wait, now that I look at it- what is he wearing? Is that like a metallic woven belt? But then again, who is looking -- look at his body!!! (the first picture clears up the metallic belt mystery)... You're going to ask (I'm sure) - his tattoo means "loyalty".
Special thanks to Ms. Davidson for finding these lovely photos.

Kissing... Is it Obscene?

Apparently, it is... this is just ridiculous. Can you imagine living your life like this?

Richard Gere embraced and kissed Shilpa Shetty, an Idian actress, on her cheek at a public AIDS awareness event in New Delhi in April, sparking an outcry among conservative hardline Hindus, who claimed the pair had violated the country’s strict anti-obscenity laws. A regional court issued arrest warrants against Gere and barred Shetty from leaving the country. The order was soon overturned by the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court ruling somehow didn’t show up in the immigration department computer system.

Immigration officials at Mumbai airport briefly detained Shetty, saying she was still wanted for obscenity charges filed in the wake of the public kiss with the Hollywood star. Shetty was in tears late Wednesday after being stopped at the airport while on her way to Berlin where the musical “Miss Bollywood” opens this weekend, said Bhagwagar. Shetty plays the musical’s lead role.

Why Guys Want Two Women...

The fact that some GOOMBA out there still doesn't get this concept leaves me completely speechless... almost. Basically, some GOOMBA woman asks why men are into two chicks going at it and whether girls who do that are lesbians. To wit, the "expert" responds, "In our fantasy, the two women fall under our spell as we stand with hands on our hips, our lordly sex organ inspiring awe. We throw our heads back with a conquering laugh. And then the two women proceed to please us in many and sundry ways, which may include performing naughty lesbian sex for our kingly amusement. Why do you think there are thousands of pictures floating around the Internet of girls making out with each other on nightclub dance floors? They are not all lesbians."

I don't know why I think the answer is so funny... but I feel like guys really do think that like, "I'm such a stud. I have two chicks. Check out my package." Anyways, the picture posted is the closest I've ever had to a threesome... me, boy and Ling... or at least that's what I'm going to tell you! hahaha... :)

PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps

My favorite item on PF Chang's menu are their lettuce wraps. Well, I don't like much else... Anyways, the PF Chang's website had the recipe online a while ago, but the "feature recipe" changes every month. In any event, I hunted it down for all of us (me mainly), so that I can make them any time I want. I have used this recipe and it is certifiably delicious... I do make changes (in terms of oil and no mushrooms or fried stuff), but hardly noticeable! A great starter for a dinner party. I included a link that has the recipe.

The Pope Wears Prada Too

Pope Benedict XVI has been labeled by some as the most "fashionable" pope... he frequently rides in the Popemobile with his little red Pradas and Gucci sunglasses. However, who knew that he wanted to impart this gift upon others? The Pope recently shared his love of fine Italian shoes with the homeless in Minneapolis. After giving Vatican representatives a tour of Sharing and Caring Hands, a homeless mission, the nonprofit received two large boxes containing several dozen pairs of handmade Italian shoes from the Pope. Mission director Jo Copeland described the papal charity as "Just grand! This is just the best gift. That Pope Benedict, wherever you are, God bless you!"

What??? Is Jo Copeland on crack? Is she afraid she'll go to hell if she insults the gift? Do the shoes bake cookies? I would write, "Dear Pope, Instead of dozens of handmade Italian shoes, how about FOOD?" This is just ridiculous.

Haute Dog Couture

A while ago, I wrote about ABS and designer "knockoffs" in general. Well, now your DOG can be fashionable... Doggie couture label, Little Lily, carries designer inspired gowns... for a mere $88, Ling could wear America Ferrera's Monique Lhullier gown... or Katherine Heigl's white Zac Posen for $120... this is RIDICULOUS again.

I honestly don't get it... but what do I know? I have human dresses that cost less than $120. Actually a whole boat load that cost less that $120- I mean - everyone knows my recent obsession with XXI!! Am I alone here? Does anyone out there think this is okay?

Vacationing in Bestyville

Growing up, I loooooveed Besty Johnson - her clothes were so funky, she had pink hair and she would cartwheel around. While I don't like her stuff as much anymore (it has gotten kind of weird), I would love to vacation in her crazy house in the Mexican Riviera with 7 of my best friends... have tea in the pink room, enjoy margaritas at her tiki bar...

We could make it a girl's party weekend as Betseyville sleeps 8 guests, up to 10 if we squeeze. The grounds have 5 palapa buildings, 2 pools, 2 garden areas, a large tanning area, and private parking. We would be treated like the celebrities we are with our own gated private villa, live in caretaker and security... just in case you are like me and can't pry yourself away from modern technology, Betseyville has a DVD/ TV in each bedroom, a SkyTv in the lounge area, wireless internet, and telephone. Yesssssssss!! Low season starts at $5500/week...but we're on the beach!

Swim 2008 "Exclusive" Preview

While Victoria's Secret are known for their underwear, I really like their bathing suits too. Besides the VS brand, there are some really good swimsuit brands that design especially for Victoria's Secret- including Vix, Le Tarte, Juicy Couture, etc... The point being, the VS collection is always a less expensive alternative to what bathing suits are selling for and some stores are even carrying them now! So, there is no risk in the shipping process... The only place that I have seen them "live" is Town Center in Boca Raton though... yet another reason the Town Center is the best mall South of the Mason Dixon line.

I've attached a picture of my favorite one so far... but I love ruffles! The top is $20 and the bottom is $19!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NO Gays in Iran - well few. ..

Ahmadinejad gave a speech and accidentally said there are no gays in Iran, After being criticized by gay activists. He then corrected himself saying , he meant there weren't as many. Regardless, gays are treated very poorly and not excepted in Iran.

The Brave One

Hadley forwarded this to me earlier, but I don't know if this is real. But who cares! It's kind funny. I know some of you - especially those of you in Junior League, who shall remain unnamed - have thought this before.
Oh crap. FINE. I guess it's a day of confessions, I thought this before... maybe not to this extent... fine to this extent. You got me!
Here's a small preview: "I dated a business man who makes average around 200 - 250. But that's where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won't get me to central park west."


Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the "NO FLY" list? Seriously... I had an outdated license by TWO days and I was seriously detained, my luggage sifted through and puffed by that new weird machine... but AHMADINEJAD can come over here? REALLY?

Confessions of Reality TV "Star"

As if it weren't patently obvious, The Hills "star" confessed to Us Weekly that she had undergone breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. WOW... I would have never known!!! My favorite portion of her "newsflash" article... she sounds like such a moron I can't even deal.

Reporter: Take Us back to April 2, the day of ­surgery.

Heidi: “I woke up, and it was like Christmas: I was a nervous wreck, but I was just so excited at the same time. Spencer said, “I’m so proud of you.” It was like he was wishing me well off to school: “Love you! Bye!” But surgery is a very big deal. Right before I went in, I was like, What if I don’t wake up? Oh, this is scary. Then I thought, I don’t care. If I don’t wake up, it’s worth it. I just wanted it so badly.”

Was doing my usual channel flipping on a Tuesday night... until I came across an advertisment for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"- a new reality show set to start next week on the E! network. I seriously think that reality television will film any family - the Osbornes, the Carters, the Kiss Family... and now the Kardashians. Anyways, Kim is best known for her sex tape with Brandy' brother Ray J and her father's status as a member of the "OJ Dream Team." I feel worst for her sisters... Kim is clearly the one who got the looks in that group...

Confession: I will probably watch it.

Lettuce for Chips

I don't know why anyone would take "dieting" tips from Oprah, but here goes (sorry to the Oprah fans). These are her tips to "curb" hunger... not that any of them are groundbreaking, but always a nice reminder. I am surprised that "drink water" isn't on there. I feel like that is the universal one right now.

1. Pile on the protein.

2. Fill up on fiber.

3. Bring on the nuts.

4. Take a brisk walk.

5. Keep your hands busy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NEW LA hot Designer

this is the coolest new designer. Check out their sales.

$5 Bill Gets A Makeover

Due to the high frequency in which $5 bills were being bleached to counterfeit $100... the $5 bill has been given a makeover! The new bill will feature splashes of grey and purple. The new note will start printing next week in Fort Worth, Texas. They are expecting to put $1.5 billion in circulation.

The next bill to get a makeover will be the $100. It will feature the most advanced safeguard yet, a new security thread composed of 650,000 tiny lenses that will magnify micro-printing on the bills to give the effect of having the images move in the opposite direction than the bill is being moved.

Lenny the Weirdo

Last month, Nicole Kidman revealed that she was engaged to "someone" prior to marrying Keith Urban. Many on the inside believed it to be Lenny Kravitz. Anyways, this blog has nothing to do with that. This blog has to be with the fact that Lenny Kravitz is weird. I used to think of him as this cool rocker... and now I just think he smokes too much weed or trips on too much acid, best evidenced by this gem of a quote, "I'm not in Rio -- I'm in the mountains with parrots and monkeys and waterfalls. It's really about looking inward. You become very introspective here, you have the atmosphere in which to hear yourself."

I feel like this picture confirms that someone has been having the munchies.

Posh Spice...the Newest Pussycat Doll?

A news report is reporting that Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, is going to be joining the Pussycat Dolls... I can't really tell if she will be actually touring (as the article implies) or whether she is just going to be dancing around the pole at the Pussycat Lounge in Vegas.

What really blew me away was this bomb, "she has the perfect figure for the group." No other reason why they asked her... I know the Pussycat Dolls aren't selected for their amazing vocal abilities, but this is ridiculous. She looks amazing in clothes, but let's be honest, she is too skinny and her boobs are possibly the worst boob job in history.
ps- Why is David Beckham wearing that strange horse smoking coat?

Beautiful New Item...

I get all of these e-mails from Saks and Neiman (not because I'm a baller, but because at one time or another I signed up for a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree that could buy me a sock)... Anyways, I rarely open them, but the title "Dior in Fuschia" really caught my eye. Needless to say, the actual fuschia items are not cute. What is wrong with the House of Dior and why have they not been able to put a decent handbag collection since the saddle bag? Seriously, they are falling behind.

Irregardless, this shoe they have for the fall looks like sheer genius. I wonder how many pairs Kimora will buy for her and her kids. I'm not going to buy it ONLY because it's satin... ha. Don't worry that is a full wrap around bow with a victorian styled mirror with the Dior logo emblazened upon it... Goooorgeeous in the words of Mrs. Carolyn Barksdale. It can be yours for a mere $690.

Wall Decals...

I admit that this is a gratuitous posting for me... but you'll deal! I had never really understood the "fascination" with wallpaper or worse "Wall Decals" until I saw it first hand. In visiting my local Pottery Barn last week, they were showing quick and easy ways of changing a room and the best way was paint (obviously) but then also wall decals! They come on and off easily and look GREAT in person. What did I love most? Bamboo - would look so awesome in the right bathroom... but another great choice, the shadow chandelier. I didn't include the PB site, but this attached website is dedicated to wall decals only. The way I see it, this is the grown up version of stickers... now only if I could scratch and sniff.

The Transparent Toaster

I came across a picture of this toaster and couldn't help but blog about it. Inventables, LLC is coming up with ways to re-invent household items and apparently, they are close to releasing this. The transparent toaster will allow you to "see" how dark your toast is, so you don't have to worry about burnt toast... I guess the people at Inventables never heard of a toaster oven, but I digress. I'll be lining up for one when it comes out. :)

Water in a Flask?

Well... Close. While dining at Dean & Deluca this weekend, I came across this interesting bottle of water that looked like a flask. The reactions from people were pretty funny... I haven't seen it in Florida yet, but I have attached a photo. "SEI Water" - I'm not sure what it stands for yet... but I like it. Just goes to show that water is not created equal...

Downside: I was at the gym yesterday and it obviously doesn't fit into the little water slot.
Thanks girls for coming to my Engagement party! I had so much fun partying with you all and I am glad that you got to see the CLT! Enjoy life back at work. Wah-Wah.

Monday, September 24, 2007

John Mayer's New Girl

John Mayer's new girl. What do you think? Kind of cute... actress.

The Bachelor Recap

First off, I cannot believe that I missed the first 30 minutes... however, I was not too late to miss some total GOOMBA moments.

1. WHY did just about all the girls say something gomer when they met him? "Hi, I'm Ms. Brown Sugar", the Greek one was completely retarded - when was it going to stop?, "I'm the girl in the silver dress" (SO?), "I took off my shoes because I thought I was going to be taller than you", "I'm from the windy city, so I get to blow you a kiss", "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk out again?"

2. Solisa has the LARGEST boobs. WHAT? She is the new BBSG or whatever her other nickname was.

3. Oooh... the old one up joke. "I broke my nose"... "well, I broke my face."

4. The interview thing is so queer... hahah... if someone did that to me, I would just kind of laugh.

5. YESSSSSSS!! Someone lost their boob on screen! YES... the chicken cutlet to the face. Then she pulled it out. WOW. I don't even know where to begin with that one.

6. WEBBED TOES? This episode cannot get worse. It's not even possible. Then she puts her foot on top of the table.

7. No comment on the bikini. But then again, if my hair looked that good in water and I looked that awesome in a bikini, I might do it too. hahaha....

8. He tried the older chicks. This fact makes me really concerned. WHOOOMP WHOOOMP.

Alba Bombs

I don't know why I take secret pleasure in the fact that Jessica Alba's movie fell way below box office expectations... but there is something I simply don't like about her. First and foremost, the actual movie premise sounds horrible... and then this below article "Good Luck Chuck Made Me Upchuck" makes me want to watch the movie even less (if that's possible).

Also, Dane Cook sucks. The guy is not funny. Even if he tickled me, I wouldn't find him funny. Perhaps someone that has seen it can change me mind. Probably not.

Free iTunes at Starbucks!!

On Monday Starbucks announced that it will soon provide its customers with more than 50 million free digital songs to download from iTunes in a move that will give a significant boost to their recent deal with Apple Inc. to launch a new wireless iTunes music service.

Earlier this month, Apple and the Seattle, Washington-based coffee drink company announced a partnership that the two companies have said would let users of the iPhone and newly introduced iPod touch to access the iTunes Store and download the currently-playing Starbucks musical track with the touch of a button.

To promote its new in-store partnership with Apple, the American coffee chain Starbucks is planning to give away 1.5 million downloads per day from Oct. 2 to Nov. 7 in its more than 10,000 company-owned and licensed U.S. stores. It will give a total of more than 50 million free songs throughout the promotion.

Customers will receive free "song of the day" cards to download music hand-selected by Starbucks Entertainment, including tunes by Bob Dylan, Joss Stone, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, KT Tunstall, John Legend, Annie Lennox, Joni Mitchell, Keith Urban, Paul McCartney, Sia, Band of Horses, Hilary McRae, Federico Aubele and Sara Bareilles.

You Could Be the Next Face of...

Kind of interesting. A teen posted her photos on -- her picture wound up being used in a Virgin Mobile campaign.... Interesting that Flickr says that once you post them, they become available for commercial use. Worth watching... especially since our free life is posted!

This kind of happened to our friend Andrea... she wound up on a billboard in Vegas! I always wonder how people find out... for all you know, one of us could be in some random ad campaign in China! That's me for an advertisment for drinking... :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Washington Monument - Charlotte and DC ?

So we went to Charlotte and Lorraine set up a private tour of the city. One stop was the

The Mecklenburg Monument which is smaller version of the Washington Monument. We were curious which was erected first. so here are the facts:

The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence is a resolution allegedly proclaimed at Charlotte, North Carolina, by the Committee of citizens of Mecklenburg County on May 20, 1775. Proclamations and resolutions, such as the Fincastle Resolutions in the Colony of Virginia, by local groups throughout the American Colonies during 1774 and 1775 were common. No original text exists and no contemporary mention of it was made in North Carolina or in other colonies. The 1819 copy was said to be created from memory. Historians have yet to confirm the original document's existence.
May 20 was the day after news arrived of the battle of Lexington. The seal and flag of North Carolina bear that date. The citizens of Mecklenburg did adopt, on May 31, 1775, strong anti-British resolutions, declaring suspension from office of all crown officials. The Monuement was erected in June 1898.

The Washington Monument is a large, white-colored obelisk at the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It is a United States Presidential Memorial constructed for George Washington. The monument is among the world's tallest masonry structures, standing 555 feet (169.29 m) in height and made of marble, granite, and sandstone. It was designed by Robert Mills, a prominent American architect of the 1840s. The actual construction of the monument began in 1848 but was not completed until 1884, almost 30 years after the architect's death. This hiatus in construction was because of a lack of funds and the intervention of the American Civil War. A difference in shading of the marble, visible approximately 150 feet (45 m) up, clearly delineates the initial construction from its resumption in 1876.

Its cornerstone was laid on July 4, 1848; the capstone was set on December 6, 1884, and the completed monument was dedicated on February 21, 1885. It officially opened October 9, 1888. Upon completion, it became the world's tallest structure, a title it inherited from the Cologne Cathedral and held until 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was finished in Paris, France.
The Washington Monument reflection can be seen in the aptly named Reflecting Pool, a rectangular pool extending to the west, towards the Lincoln Memorial.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

704- Take It to The House!

yeahhhh!! I am finally leaving my office!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fisher Island tied for Number 1?

Fisher Island has tied for first place in the "America's Most Expensive Zip Codes." Curiously, the article states that the median income is only $200,000.00. How? There is nothing in Palm Beach County that tops Fisher Island? For some reason I am not buying it.

Designer Look Alikes

I think growing up, ABS was the company that replicated the "red carpet" dresses, but now 24 hours after the stars hit the red carpet, New York design company Faviana is the duplicater of choice.

I think I am most curious to see what they can do to replicate J.Lo's dress (coming soon) that she wore to the Golden Globes this year. Just in case, I am attaching that picture too. :)

Pity the Face

It's National Singles Week... As ABC say, "Nobody sent me a card, but it's National Singles Week — a time for mothers, fathers and everyone else to appreciate their unmarried friends." It's like David v. Goliath... everyone versus the unmarried friends. HIDS. The article does go through interesting courting gifts...including roses that have an mp3 player attached to say, "I love you." UGH... I cannot even begin to tell you how weird I think that gift would be if it arrived, but I suppose that is a matter of personal taste... for all of you morbidly curious people, the rose website is .

Britney: Mandatory Drug Testing

Britney Spears has been ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week... the order basically requires Spears and Federline to stop using drugs and/or alcohol at least 12 hours being caring for their children. What a joke... so, basically, they can get completely wasted 13 hours before caring for the kids... whatever. Britney will also be followed by a "parenting coach" who will help her fine tune her parenting skills.

OJ Out on Bail...

OJ's attorney and the Las Vegas District Attorney entered into a stipulation that releases on a $125,000 bail and will restrict his travel to the continental United States. In other words, he will be free to travel back to Florida and anywhere in the U.S. His status conference is set for mid-October.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

:) Turns 25

I don't know why I post about these things, but I do. The "emoticon" or :) as we know turns 25 tomorrow. 25 years ago professor Scott E. Fahlman first used the computer "smiley face"
by posting to an online e-bulletin board at 11:44 a.m. on September 19, 1982.

I don't know whether to commend him or say how annoying this whole "emoticon" thing has gotten and then out of hand usage of short hand words like "LOL". Kill yourself. And he is smiling like a goomba.