Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Is Just Really.... "Special"

Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke has a new album out, and the cover is AMAZING. If the music is anywhere near as good as the breathtaking album art, we could have world peace on our hands any minute now.


68 years later, Archie picks the brunette. Score one for bitchy (but charming!), high-maintenance women everywhere. (For the record, I still think he'll switch to Betty by part 5. The Girl Next Door always wins. ) But for now... brunettes celebrate!

Monday, May 25, 2009

This Is Just Hard To Believe- There Is Still Something Segregated??

The New York Times ran an incredibly frustrating, heartbreaking piece about a segregated prom in Georgia today, which included an audio slide show wherein students and parents voice their opinions on the segregation and "tradition."

The first student interviewed, a white student named Harley Boone, is quick to point out that the segregated prom isn't racist, in her opinion, it's just "what we know and what our parents have done for so many years." Harley insists that she eats with black students in the cafeteria and that she attends classes with black students, and that the prom is just not a big deal, comparatively. Her mother, Anita Williamson says "this community and this school system is fine the way it is..why change something that has worked, it's not broken?" Kera Nobles, a black student, disagrees, calling the segregation "hurtful," and noting that "I sit beside you at graduation but I can't go to prom with you for one night?"

The prom itself isn't a school sponsored function; the proms are private functions that are thrown by the students. The idea of "it's just the way it's always been" seems to be an overriding theme in why such a backwards tradition is allowed to continue; Terra Fountain, an 18-year-old white student, blames the parents for the continual separation: "Most of the students do want to have a prom together," she says, "But it's the white parents who say no. … They're like, if you're going with the black people, I'm not going to pay for it."

The segregated proms have also forced friends to take a second look at their relationships; many black students feel betrayed by their white friends who have neglected to stand up for them and insist upon an integrated prom. "My best friend is white," one girl tells the New York Times, "She's in there. She's real cool, but I don't understand. If they can be in there, why can't everybody else?" Says another: "You're 18 years old! You're old enough to smoke, drive, do whatever else you want to. Why aren't you able to step up and say, ‘I want to have my senior prom with the people I'm graduating with?'"

"The prom is the least of our problems," says Angel Howard, a black student, "We can't fix the prom until we fix the school. And then when the school comes together and no longer sees color, then the prom can come together and no longer see color."

Is This What We Are Wearing?

Here's a marvelous little video from the 1930's, wherein designers imagine what "Eve" might be wearing in the year 2000. Some of the predictions are spot-on; others are fairly insane.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now I've Seen It All...

Some bride, in a bid to be the classiest and "different" bride of all time, had a dress made with 300 LEDs sewn into the bottom poofy part. And let me tell you, the applause when she turns it on during her first dance is deafening. And how about that song from Armageddon? I'm not sure if you've seen the movie BUT THEY ALL DIE IN THE END. I'm just sayin', you can't put a price on looking like a Christmas tree at your own wedding.

The Video Game Nerd In Me Needs This

This is a new $18 shirt from Threadless that features Mario buying drugs from his little mushroom-headed dealer. As you can see, one star coin scores three whole shrooms, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.... but how would I know? ooooh....

Small Anythings Are Cute

I normally don't think giant anteaters are very cute, but this one is definitely the exception - especially with the baby giant anteater name Arthur on his back. Arthur the Anteater... I love it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Not...

Just go at it... Paris Hilton and her boy toy are just going at it at Cannes all week. But this shot is a classic- especially her Size 11 foot taking up half the photo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Apparently most geese can do this, but it's very hard and rarely photographed. After doing a little research, my only explanation is that Geese are double jointed? Yeah, that's it, that's all I got. Thoughts? So cool to look at though!

Duck Tales...Whoo Hoo!

It all began when 12 unfortunate ducklings hatched on the ledge of a banker's second story window sill. With no water in sight they were left to wallow in their hopeless flightless pitty. So they did the unthinkable. They jumped…. BUT… In the nick of time, the banker was there to save each and every one of them. Check out video of the incident in here. I love happy endings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Rhianna/Lady GaGa Song: Silly Boy

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Apparently supposed to be a song about Chris Brown...

Who Is Her Choreographer?

I think Jessica Simpson needs to find a new choreographer- seriously, she's squatting like she's on the bathroom and it makes her shirt scrunch up causing a gut-like effect. What is she doing? Just stand there, it's ok!

Now I Understand Why People Think Dogs Look Silly In Clothes

Someone on eBay is peddling homemade coats for guinea pigs, which probably makes guinea pigs and guinea pig owners EXTREMELY excited...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maybe For Next Valentine's Day...

It took farmer Iroichi Kimura, and his wife three years to create the perfectly heart shaped watermelon. 20 were shipped, and five sold for $162.00 exclusively at Fukuoka's Iwataya Department Store. Would anyone really cut into it? And can I preserve it like that forever? So cute!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miss Pole Dance World 2009

Yes, this is a real competition... they have a competition for everything. Anyways, congratulations to Felix Cane for taking home top honors at the 2009 pole dancing championships in Jamaica. She also holds the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008 & 2006. Enjoy her encore performance of “Apologize” by One Republic. Keeping it classy.
She seriously could be on Cirque de Soleil... this is crazy!

Disturbing. Just Disturbing...

This photo of a DIY tank top made from men's briefs was taken in front of a Walmart in Gardendale, Alabama. Okay, at least she isn't wearing them as a DIY swine flu mask. There can't possibly exist a circumstance under which a lady lacks a tank top and needs one so very badly that she cuts a hole in the crotch of her boyfriend's manties — her only resource — and wears them as a shirt. We hope the manties pictured here were at least laundered prior to their massacre.


Another great SNL short...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Match Made In Heaven?

For one reason or another, Tila Tequila annoys me- whether it's the fake bisexual thing or the fact that she looks like a leprachaun is really still a mystery to me. So, when she "announced" that she was dating Ray J on her blog, it didn't really surprise me. Ray J, who oozes douchebag -- particularly on his show, "For the Love of Ray J" -- is a perfect match for Tila.

I Want This!

I can't get enough of messenger bags, especially when walking around a city like New York or Chicago- where everyone is just constantly bumping into you. I'm waiting for a sale... but I don't know if I can contain myself any longer! I actually want it in this gorgeous tan color, but attaching the picture just for specs.
Maybe my new BFF, Ebay, will have a little deal waiting for me...

Where Was This...

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Walk of Shame Kit. While a reader submitted this little gem to me, I recently read that the W Hotel South Beach will be an "exclusive" item sold in the rooms. The Walk of Shame Kit is EXACTLY what it sounds like...

This kit consists of :~ one Dress ( "morning after coverall which also serves as a great beach/pool cover-up...")~ one pair of flip-flops ("because you can't run away fast enough in the heels from last night...")~ a backpack ("to be able to make a quick getaway with all your belongings...")~ one pair of sunglasses (" red-eye hiding black out sunglasses...")~ one pre-pasted toothbrush (this is an ultimate savior because "4/5 dentists remind you that you may not remember where your mouth has been...")~ hypo-allergenic wipes ("safe for you face and anywhere below...")~ one Call/Don't Call card ("in case you want him to remember you.."- OR NOT")~ one breast cancer awareness bracelet - no clue why that is there.

Now, the real question is- if you're not staying at the W Hotel in Miami-- then how are you lugging this thing around? Answers are welcome!

Get yours for $34.99 at:

Pasta Dude Fail

Dominos Pasta DUDE!

“Pasta Dude,” the rapping noodle, WAS at the center of a series of new ads for Domino's - but apparently is being pulled from air because it kind of looks like he's buttf'ing.

AND... Is he saying “Pasta Dude” or “prostitute?” Eh, who cares? And the mom is kind of violent with the little "Pasta Dude" don't you think? Who even thought of this commercial??

Extreme Fan...

This is one dedicated guy. I imagine from here he could easily transform into an extreme baseball fan...

The only thing mildly puzzling to me is the hair growth- is that really all his??