Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Would Hate Working Here

Are they serious? Were the sick of elevators? Why else would this office have installed a GIANT slide to shoot employees from the third floor down to the first in "just seven seconds?" I guess this is good for fire drills... what do you do with files? Just throw them down the shoot to and then just pick up all the pieces on the floor later?

Ummm.... This Should Have Never Been Made

I can't tell you how disturbing this is... imagine if your kid was running around with it on his finger poking people? HIDS.

An Elephant's Idea of A Practical Joke

First of all- the video is only for the strong of stomach folk... that's all I can say. While the video is all together disturbing (as the picture reveals), the ending has a "twist" so to speak (saying that is was a shocker would be too cliche I suppose).

Multi-Taking At Its Finest

Here is a man painting and playing ping pong while walking on a treadmill, because WHY NOT. I don't have anything else to say. Just watch. Be amazed... except that a strange Michael Jackson type person comes in to the screen in the middle to play him. What is this??? And for the record, his painting skills SUCK.

I Knew It!!!!

Sure, smoking may cause cancer, but working too much leads to dementia!!! A new study has found that people who work more than 55 hours per week have problems with short-term memory and word recall.

In fact, "The difference between employees working long hours and those working normal hours is similar in magnitude to that of smoking, a risk factor for dementia." I think this is an excellent reason to work less... I always knew I was on to something.

Unfortunate Topiary

Who is the genius landscape artist? Clearly someone who didn't get paid for his work....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion Icon? Hardly.

I personally believe that Michelle Obama should not be considered a "fashion icon." Besides the obvious fact that she has remarkably unremarkable style, anyone who frequents Gap and J. Crew - locations that each and every person in this world have access to - as a "staple" of their wardrobe just cannot be labeled a fashion icon.
Now before I get people "up in arms"- I'm not saying that she's not nicely dressed or well put together... but the term fashion icon should be reserved for people that truly make a mark in fashion history. The comparisons made by the media between "Michelle O" and "Jackie O" are simply ridiculous. The pieces she wears are worn by millions of Americans each and every day- does that mean each of us are fashion icons? Hardly.

While the majority of her attire is "nice" (black dress and pearls), I can hardly say that any are AMAZING. In fact, the few times she ventures "outside" the box, she simply either ages herself or completely overdoes it. Thoughts?

This Kid Is A Candidate For My Next Best Friend

This kid is holding a sign that reads "Screw Hannah Montana! I Love Metallica!" This kid has it going on and just totally rules. I wish I had been this cool when I was 8, but I was too busy sitting on my dad's shoulders at a Debbie Gibson concert and learning the latest NKOTB moves...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Now I'm not saying that Pamela Anderson doesn't look awesome for her age (she's pushing 50 now, right?) and that she's not a gorgeous woman... but isn't it time to retire the bikini parading in public?

I blame Richie Rich for even hiring her to be a "model" for him for NY Fashion Week.

Is She Serious?

Lindsay Lohan is back to her anorexic looking ways, because that is the only way she can make news now.

Lindsay is claiming her rapid weight loss is "not intentional," according to Us Magazine: "I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald's... I eat just as much as I always have."

Lohan just thinks she has just been "working a lot and also blames "stress ... and lack of sleep when I travel." Said the star, "I think it's all that stuff that adds up."Lohan - who said she doesn't know how much weight she has lost ("I've never weighed myself in life," she said) - added that she doesn't think about the pressure to be thin in Hollywood anymore.

WORK? That is the first lie- no one is hiring her. And a Big Mac? She couldn't just say, I eat a cheeseburger here and there- a BIG MAC? Does anyone eat those anymore?

Just Going To Have "One" Tonight...

Saw the "Bottle of Wine" glass on the Today Show today (coincidentally)... and Kathy Lee Gifford seemed all too familiar with this product. The name says it all- this glass can hold ONE bottle of wine (750ml)-- so when you say you're only going to have "one" tonight, it's for real!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Michael Jackson: Neverland Auction

I can't believe it's come to this. A pop legend of our own time falls on such hard times that he has to sell off all his stuff.

In April, Michael Jackson will auction off over 2,000 items from his Neverland Ranch. Here's your chance to own Michael Jackson's crap. I've got my eye on this robotic Michael Jackson head featured at the climax of his 1988 film Moonwalker, when he transforms into a robot and defeats Joe Pesci's evil character, Mr Big. At a price of $2,000-$3,000, I'd say that's a BARGAIN.

The World's Oldest (Perhaps Ugliest) Love Triangle Perhaps

Meet Dancho (on the right), 86, who was sent to the hospital after being attacked by Boris, 74, over the love of Pena, 75. Dancho, you cradle-robber.

"She may not have all her own teeth and she’s a bit hard of hearing, but temptress Pena Dobrava can still stir violent passions in men. It ended with Dancho Dimitov, 86, in hospital with head injuries after being whacked by jealous boyfriend Boris Stoykov, 74. The pair came to blows when Boris was tipped off by a neighbour that Dancho was trying to steal Pena, 75, from him.
He had even been seen clambering over her back garden fence to secretly chat her up."
One witness said: “It was unbelievable. I heard screams and saw the older one taking a swing with his stick at the other man’s head. They were both bashing each other and cursing. I thought someone was going to die.”

Are you kidding me?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Moms Will Be Moms

It's FRRRIIIDAY! And what would Friday be without a little heartwarming Shih-Tzu video? :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't F******* Work

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

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Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

hilarious... and who hasn't this happened to? I am seriously ALWAYS buying Sony and I always hate it. What is wrong with me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

How many slices do you want??? 

Who's still Hungry for DESSERT???

How about a Bacon covered Donut??? Just incase the donut wasn't fattening enough... cover it with... BACON!!!
Who wants a double double double double triple stuffed OREO!? DUNK THAT ONE!!!

FOOD HEAVEN and heart attack in ONE!!

Yum... a hot dog wrapped in french fries... an easy, on the go lunch! 
Double bacon hamburger fatty melt- 3 bacon stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches with two 4oz beef patties. Yum!! And you can wash it down with a big melt shake! Great for an afternoon snack! 
New Pizza Topping... CORN DOGS!!! Who doesn't love corn dogs AND Pizza!?!? I SURE DO!!! A Match made in HEAVEN!!

Classy baby shower cake...

If someone had a baby shower for me and presented me with this cake, I would walk the hell out of the baby shower....
That's just flat out nasty.... 

Sunday, February 8, 2009


SNL is kind of funny again. Really.

Is This A Normal Reaction?

Lim Ding Wen is a 9-year old Chinese boy. But not just any Chinese boy, Ding Wen wrote a finger painting iPhone app for his younger siblings.

Lim, who is now fluent in six programming languages, first started using a computer when he was two-years-old, discovered programming aged seven, and has since completed more than 20 programming projects.

His latest application, Doodle Kids, allows users to draw pictures using their fingers and then clear the screen by shaking the iPhone.

Pretty impressive, right? Not to his father!

"Ding Wen is an above average boy with an interest in computers, especially Apple IIGS and Macs, likes to do programming, and that's it. Doodle Kids is an extremely simple program that can be done by anybody. Everybody can program - if Ding Wen can, so can you," he wrote.

I'm pretty sure I can't do it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gas 'Em Up!

This is a video of a kid in the car after being gassed to have a tooth pulled. It almost made me want a child of my own until I realized you can't keep the little tykes gassed all the time...Or can you? NO - just kidding (unless I could) :)

New Color?

Here's a brunette Scarlett Johansson at the Hollywood premiere last night of her new movie He's Just Not That Into You. I'm saying she's a brunette because that's the word on the street.... looks like redhead to me!

Pigeon Smuggler

An Australian traveller raised eyebrows and the suspicions of customs officers after he was found with two live pigeons and an aubergine down his pants. Customs Service national investigations manager Richard Janeczko said the pigeons were found wrapped in padded envelopes and held to each of the man's legs with a pair of tights. Officials also seized seeds in his money belt and an undeclared aubergine, but are at a loss to explain why the goods were smuggled into the country. Mr. Janeczko said the pigeons were not endangered and that the case had been turned over to the Quarantine Service.

The question to ask here is not “why?” but “how did this man survive an entire flight with two live pigeons stuffed down his pants?”

Too Cute!

Just to put a little smile in your face!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Makes Money?

This is just absurd. A CD of encouraging words? And three flimsy puzzle pieces... $25plus shipping and handling? WHO IS BUYING THIS? The guy jumping up at the end of the CD is just classic though.