Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting Skin Care...

This really can't be real... there is this "exciting" new skin treatment which promises to permanently revitalize aging skin with injection of healthy young skin cells. OK- that sounds ok-until you hear that those young skin cells come from babies' foreskins. Yes, newborn babies are circumcised and then the foreskins are sent to a lab and turned into anti-aging potion or whatever.

Developed by a biomedical company, "Vavelta" is a clear liquid, made from millions of microscopic new skin cells cultured from babies' foreskins, which is then injected into the skin to treat wrinkles, sun damage, and scars. The clinical trials, which took place in London using "material" from a US hospital, have just been completed and reportedly show the technique to be "astonishingly effective." This is maybe no less insane than paralyzing your face with poison four times a year- but it's certinaly a lot creepier.

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