Thursday, January 8, 2009

Would Someone Really Want This?

For the most part, the "fashionable" (and uber rich) set chooses exclusive credit like the AmEx Centurion -- the oft-envied BLACK CARD crafted from titanium instead of mere plastic.
But as of March of this year, Roberto "Excess is Success" Cavalli is trying to get in on the actionwith a snakeskin-finish credit card for the discerning shopper. The iridescent card comes with its "privileges": special sales at Cavalli, invites to fashion shows. Perhaps cardmembers will gain access to Cavalli's new club in Florence, or clubs soon to open in Dubai and Milan. Seriously? Is that it? The Black Card's personal concierge, free stays at the Mandarin Oriental... no contest.
Also, how does this card slide through? Would the snakeskin flake after a while? TRIED.

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