Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion Icon? Hardly.

I personally believe that Michelle Obama should not be considered a "fashion icon." Besides the obvious fact that she has remarkably unremarkable style, anyone who frequents Gap and J. Crew - locations that each and every person in this world have access to - as a "staple" of their wardrobe just cannot be labeled a fashion icon.
Now before I get people "up in arms"- I'm not saying that she's not nicely dressed or well put together... but the term fashion icon should be reserved for people that truly make a mark in fashion history. The comparisons made by the media between "Michelle O" and "Jackie O" are simply ridiculous. The pieces she wears are worn by millions of Americans each and every day- does that mean each of us are fashion icons? Hardly.

While the majority of her attire is "nice" (black dress and pearls), I can hardly say that any are AMAZING. In fact, the few times she ventures "outside" the box, she simply either ages herself or completely overdoes it. Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. I don't want to see the president's wife in a strapless dress or sleeveless tops. Sure, she has a decent figure, but she could be using clothes in a much more effective way to accentuate her attributes. And, yes, the clothes are either plain or dated...hardly anything to get excited about.