Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Again, I Don't Get It...

The whole fascination with Michelle Obama's wardrobe is beyond me... it's like the time Angelina Jolie wore a Gap shirt - "How innovative!", "Understated chic!".... Seriously, America and the media need to STOP calling her the fashion icon of our time. As one of my dearest friends said (who actually owns this exact outfit), "If I can purchase this on my hourly salary, then it shouldn't be iconic."

GRANTED- this is a good outfit. But to meet the Prime Minister and the Queen of England? REALLY? There are SOOO many other American designers that you can represent- how about Donna Karan? Michael Kors? Ralph Lauren?

Honestly, her wearing this "affordable" fashion makes me feel worse about the economy. If the First Lady of our country is on a budget and needs to cut back, then where does that leave us? Hell in a handbasket, baby!

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