Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Made This Decision?

Who is in charge of this? Dignitary gift giving on behalf of the President has got to be the ultimate personal shopper job... You have to understand culture, relevance, the individual - the whole shabang. So, when I read that the President got the Queen of England an iPod - I really have to wonder who thought of that and WHY. Then they uploaded some photos of her trip to America in 2007-- you know, at a time when he wasn't President.

Just a while ago, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the White House in March and the British press panned Obama's presentation of the "Top 100" American movies/DVDs as flat out classless- because the DVDs didn't work in European players. Again, no one looked into that?

Whatever happened to a nice pin? A vase? A frame? I know, how about a J. Crew cardigan?,0,7701231.story

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