Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Brilliant Folks From Lousiana

I guess if you are going to be stupid enough to commit a crime, then don’t forget your purse at the scene. Miss Teen Louisiana, Lindsey Evans ,has disgraced her title after doing a ‘dine and dash’ with her friends, dissing a bill of $46.07, but as it turns out, that’s definitely the least of her worries.

Evans, who might not be so bright, discovered that she had left her purse behind and decided to go back and get it. Problem for her was that the police arrested her for theft when she appeared back on the scene. To make matters worse, they did a search of her bag and found marijuana so they added a charge of drug possession. While her reign is set to end next month, a spokesman for the Miss Louisiana Teen USA organization said they had yet to decide what the repercussions will be for Evans. Maybe they should call Donald Trump and ask for his advice since he is an old pro at pageant scandals.

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