Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did She Steal Kim's Buttpads?

While the story is supposed to be that Tila Tequila allegedly has a new girlfriend and is "beaming"... I wanted to point out that her butt looks HUGE out of nowhere. Is she wearing butt pads? Does everyone do that now?

For people that CARE (who?!?) People reports: "A beaming Tequila told PEOPLE she “didn’t want to jinx anything” about their relationship, but said she was very happy. Semel, however, happily shared her feelings for the MTV reality star. “I’d seen the show [A Shot at Love] and just needed to meet her…and it just happened,” Semel says of Tequila. Now the “best friends” are content to lay in bed watching movies, share clothes and makeup and steer clear of drama."
AWWWW....how cute. NOT.

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