Thursday, May 22, 2008

Could You Live Off of $52,000?

Charlie Sheen's friends are calling Denise Richards a liar. Richards says she's doing this reality show to make money and support her children. They say she "gets more than enough money from Charlie to never have to work, much less do a reality show that exploits the kids." Denise gets $52,000 a month tax-free in child support and previously received $60,000 a month (tax-free) for two years in alimony. Anybody think they could give it a try and raise two kids on that awfully paltry sum? To put it in perspective, Denise Richards gets $624,000 a year to raise two kids. In addition, Richards also gets a chunk of Sheen's sitcom, "Two and a Half Men," which "eventually will net her up to $25 million," the source said. UNREAL.

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