Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Amy Winehouse and I Wear A Diaper.

Prepare to fall in love with Amy Winehouse all over again, as a German newspaper is reporting today that she has now begun to wear a diaper whenever she leaves the house. As Winehouse says, "Oh bugger, I've gone an' soiled my knickers I have." (I really want to say something different, but may be inappropriate for YPandBored's younger audience.) This story just can't be true - I mean crack hoes have FULL self control of their bodily functions, right? I mean, just ask Tyron Biggums (oh you know, the fictional crackhead character that David Chappelle used to portray on his show).

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Dana Lynn said...

I'm thinking part of her skinny disorder problem is that she takes too many laxitives, therefore can't control when "things happen"