Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does Anyone Look At Her Ears?

I guess it's not unusual to see a high-profile professional athlete score a million dollar endorsement deal with the likes of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok and as a condition of the contract, you have to wear their stuff during games.
But you would be hard pressed to find even the most flamboyant of athletic stars rocking semi-precious stones or diamonds while competing in their field of expertise. I mean, would T.O. rock a blinged out chain or studs during a game? DOUBTFUL.

Well, that is until now. Tiffany & Co. announced that it signed a two-year deal with tennis champ Maria Sharapova. Tiffany & Co. will outfit her at in eight different pairs of earrings over the next eight Grand Slam tennis events, including the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. and Australian Opens. Additionally, the pair of earrings Sharapova wears on court and at the various Grand Slam events will then be available immediately for sale at Tiffany's stores worldwide. N0w I need to know- chandeliers, studs... what are we talking? And honestly, who is looking at Sharapova's ears? Irregardless, aren't her ears covered with all that Nike crap?

Of course, it gets better. Tiffany & Co. has also accessorized Sharapova's custom French Open tennis dress. The "Paris dress," by Nike will be a 1920s-inspired ultra-light design that is finished with luminous Tiffany pearl button closures that fastens at the back of the dress. Is this necessary? Her hair is way longer than any back button enclosure!

Don't worry, I'm not jealous...arghhh... If only I drank more milk as a young child, enjoyed exercise, had uber genes to perform superhuman athletic feats...I'm sure I could be getting these multi-million dollar endorsements AND able to wear free awesome jewelry. But hey, I'm kinda "smart," that certainly makes up for it all.

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Dana Lynn said...

My goodness, there is NOTHING sexy or cute about that girl's body.. AT ALL!! She's like a stick figure person with a head.