Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am I Being Punked?

This just proves to me that you don't have to have ANY skill to be a designer or have your own jewelry line. This "slutbag" necklace is $55- WHO ON EARTH WOULD PAY $55 to advertise that they are a slutbug?? And (I love this) their "tag line" is "Feeling a little slutty? Or a lot slutty?"
Look out for my new t-shirt line, the inagural season's shirts are going to say, "Jam Out With Your Clam Out" and "Vagina". And then I'm going to charge $105 and if they're on organic cotton shirts, $210. Yeah. That's it.

1 comment:

Moleman said...

Who would pay for this? The same women who dress like maximum sluts -- the women who reveal every inch of flesh within millimeters of being ticketed for indecent exposure.

By wearing this jewelry, they just cut to the chase.

Perhaps when she's going out one night and doesn't want to dress like the maximum slut she is, a gal can throw on a pair of loose-fitting jeans or whatever — but rest assured, everyone will know she's a slut if she dons the necklace!