Monday, April 7, 2008

12 Cents An Hour?

This just caught my attention... Michael Vick, you know the dog fighting "ringleader" and former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, recently wrote a letter to a friend of his describing prison life and how he was playing quarterback for both sides on the prison team and just keeping in shape generally. Vick reportedly gets paid to wash pots for 12 cents an hour. Are you kidding me? So, he goes from signing a $130 million dollar deal (which he has to forfeit) to making basically 2% of minimum wage? I'm completely speechless.
I'm actually wondering if any NFL team will ever sign him again... thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope not. He deserves all that he got and more.

Dana Lynn said...

Dude, I HATE him. He's a pile of crap. I hope they demote him to 3 cents and hour and make him clean dog shit on the side of a road. Anyone who does what he did deserves to ROT. Ok, with that said, have a lovely day.