Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PhotoShop of Horrors

This is the most blatant example of photoshop I've ever seen... This is Kimberly Stewart by the way.


Dana Lynn said...

ewwwwww, thats a NASTY BODY PICTURE!

Silvana said...

I don't think it looks too overly photoshopped. You have to realize that in the candid shot she is leaning forward cause what little bit of fat she has to congregate.
Also in the studio shot she is arching her back which smooths her stomach, she is placing her have directly on the part of her hip that widens in order to camouflage, her body is slightly angled and her arm is angled back, both of which lend a slimming effect.
The only obvious photoshopping looks to be the removal of some moles from her chest.