Thursday, April 24, 2008

McDonald's: Designer Coffee and Now Designer Uniforms

In an interesting move, McDonald's (only London at this time) is providing its staff with a new range of uniforms designed by Bruce Oldfield- who is famous for dressing Princess Diana, Jemima Khan and Sienna Miller, in an attempt to appear more "upmarket."

The old outfit's bright colours have been replaced with more subtle shades of black, beige and brown for an air-hostess style uniforms. Female management and front of house staff will wear high heels, pencil skirts and scarves, male counterparts will have suits, and the staff who serve the food will wear polo shirts, all in similar colours.
Is that even comfortable to wear around all that microwaved and processed food? Is she really going to be frying up some food and wearing long sleeves? How unpractical... I love it :),,30400-1313679,00.html?f=rss

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