Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Cell Phone Doesn't Need Its Own CROC

Talk about a total turnoff. If a man rolled up to pick me up with a CROC attached to his hip with his Blackberry in it...I would turn around. I'm not kidding. I would say, this is going nowhere. Superficial? MAYBE. But whoever would make this decision is not my type. They're called "CROCS-o-Dial".

But...the desription is priceless: "For Crocs sandals fans, here’s another accessory for you. The brand have designed what will be known as the Crocs O-dial cases in bright purple, fuchsia, turquoise and black. Each case comes with an adjustable strap and a strong plastic clip to attach to a waist band for belt (do people do that these days?). Not enough features for you? There is even an internal accessory sleeve to carry everyday items like I.D., credit cards, cash and more."

1 comment:

Dana Lynn said...

I guess my 5 year old cousin would think its cool.... but she doesnt have a cell phone so that wouldnt work, would it?