Monday, April 21, 2008

What Recession? Let's Go For $1,000 Sushi

Going out for sushi always runs slightly on the expensive side, but Koi restaurant in New York is taking it to the extreme with their latest menu addition, the High Roller sushi roll that sells for $1000. So what does a thousand dollars look like in the form of sushi? Well, it starts with marinated and poached fois gras (disgusting to me already) that is covered with excessive amounts of "Langoustine" (lobster for us non-foodies). Then the roll is brushed with saffron/vanilla bean butter and encrusted with caviar. Finally, when the roll is served the Chef comes tableside to shave white Alba truffles and drizzle them with 100 year balsamic.

Does this sound appealing to anyone? Usually with these excessively expensive food/drink items, you "get" something. Like the $20,000 martini "comes" with a diamond or there is gold at the end of the rainbow. SOMETHING. Seriously, who would get this?

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Dana Lynn said...

that just sounds NASTY as ALL HELL!! OMG, I feel sick thinking of all the things in that nasty roll. What a freakin waste of money!