Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BR Monogram

With the impending "recession", does Banana Republic really think it's a good idea to launch its upscale line? Anyways, Banana Republic is apparently stepping up the luxury by launching their newest line called BR Monogram. The new high-end collection will have "all the goodness of traditional Banana Republic, but with a boost in the quality of the fabrics used and better tailoring." This quality upgrade will also mean a pricing upgrade (BR Monogram items cost an average of 30-40% more than the rest of Banana's items) plus there will hopefully be stand-alone BR Monogram boutiques around the country very soon -- the first one just opened in New York.

All the goodness and better tailoring? I sure hope so.. Banana Republic has been one up from crap lately. I wouldn't buy anything in that store FULL PRICE if my life depended on it. I will say, I like their accessories...and I kind of like that gray skirt outfit... but pay $250 for a skirt from Banana? Not ready.

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Dana Lynn said...

Please dont tell me HIGH waisted is back? Good lord, she looks like she has NO torso.