Friday, April 25, 2008

Chintzy To The Face

Photos of Carmen Electra's "black diamond" engagement ring just surfaced and the ring looks chintzy to the face. The pave styling of the band makes it looks like a ring from a Cracker Jack box... why not have the diamonds go all the way around? If not all the way around, then how about to a point where you don't see a definite line of demarcation of NOTHINGNESS.

"It's a black diamond, perfect for us," Electra tells PEOPLE. "Different – it's our style." OKEE.

Just as an FYI, the price per carat for black diamonds is crap- after all, who really wants a black diamond? You can essentially get a replica of Carmen Electra's black diamond at: - the "center" stone is close to 2 carats flanked with a pave band is $1,500. I have not dropped any zeros or missed any commas - almost two carats will run you $1,500. But besides taht, Congratulations on your third marriage.,,20195382,00.html

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