Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Bourne" To Be The Sexiest Man Alive?

Eh. I personally think that People magazine got sick of naming Brad Pitt and George Clooney in alternating fashion for "Sexiest Man Alive" - so they just continued watching those Ocean's 11 movies to decide who should be next... I mean, does Matt Damon really deserve to be the Sexiest Man Alive? I can think of a few others... what about Matt McCaughnahey? Jake Gyllenhall (even though his sexual orientation is questionable)...

I mean even the "sexiest" pictures which have been RETOUCHED and PHOTOSHOPPED still reveal his questionable skin situation. Poor choice People Magazine. Poor choice. Others this year included Patrick Dempsey ("McDreamy"), Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Dave Annable,(WHO? But cute) and Shemar Moore (JD- Where is that HILARIOUS picture of him dancing!!)... Anyways, you can check the gallery for yourself and decide.

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danalynnj said...

WTF! Will Patrick Swayze EVER get the CREDIT her deserves???? EVER!? COME ON PEOPLE!! GET IT TOGETHER!