Tuesday, November 27, 2007


For all of you Hills lovers, just when you thought the drama between Heidi and Lauren was dying down... Heidi ups the ante by coming out with her own clothing line on the heels of Lauren launching hers (even though, we can all admit, the crap is ugly). Anyways, Heidi's line will be called "Heidiwood" and all of the clothes will be under $100, so everyone can afford it. In commenting and comparing their lines, Heidi said, “[Lauren’s] is more of bows and a little girlier, and mine’s going to be more sexy and fun. I think they can both do well. They’re very different. So good luck to her, and I’m not doing this to compete.” Sure.

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HLB said...

But I am competing, is what it should say at the end. Geez! I do like the dress she is sporting in this picture- is it part of her line?