Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Not So Full House...The Olsens Penthouse On the Market

Do you dream of being of the Olsen twins? I personally do not- but I wish I had their 12 room penthouse! Their "condo" - if you can even call it that - has amazing views of the Hudson River and will only cost you a cool $12 million (so like $1 million per room, seems reasonable). Since purchasing it in 2004 (to "attend" NYU) for $7.3 million, they haven't even stayed the night. Guess they're too busy eating or canoodling with Lance Armstrong. Check out more photos of the house below. Minimal furniture, no?

No one bit in 2005 when it was on the market for $9.2 million - do you think it will sell now in this depressed housing market?

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Dana Lynn said...

ok, its HUGE and the views are really pretty but it doesn't look like it was decorated for two young college girl at all. And why do they need like 6 bedrooms if they have never slept there? People with TOO much money are so odd.