Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

How many times have you walked by Publix (or your local grocer) and been badgered by those pesky...I mean "cute" little Girl Scouts begging you to buy some cookies. I, inevitably, give in - usually thin mints. But how do the thin mints match up - in terms of calories and fat - to the other cookies? Here is a small breakdown and how many cookies you can expect per person...

Cafe Cookies (five per serving) contain little saturated fat.
Trefolis have 150 calories per serving (five cookies).
Little Brownies (four per serving) are sugar-free.
Thin Mints (four per serving) have the same amount of sugar and fat as two-cookie serving of Samoas.
Do-Si-Dos (two per serving) are low in saturated fat.
Tagalongs (two per serving) are high in fat, but it's mostly the good, unsaturated kind.
All Abouts (two per serving) are also low in saturated fat.
Thanks-A-Lot (two per serving) have the same number of calories as twice as many Thin Mints.
Lemonades (two per serving) have four grams of saturated fat.
Samoas (two per serving) have high amounts of fat and sugar.

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