Sunday, December 23, 2007

Can A Movie Do Worse?

This is quite possibly the biggest bomb of the year. Jessica Simpson's new film, Blonde Ambition, should have gone direct to DVD. Instead, Blonde Ambition got a "vanity run" in 8 theaters in Texas, her home state.

Well, as we all know, the people in Texas hate Jessica Simpson these days ("causing" the Cowboys Tony Romo to suck), but who knew they took football THIS seriously?? Blonde Ambition averaged an embarrassing $48 per screen on Friday for a total box office of $384. Based on an $8 ticket price, that means that 6 people paid to see the movie at each of those theatres, and only 48 people went to see the movie! Has any other movie ever performed worse than that??????

In the Boca theatre, that would mean that 2 people went. Terrible, that's all I have to say.

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