Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Girls Meets Police: Another DUI

Authorities announced this weekend that Danielle Fishel was arrested on a drunk driving warrant.... um, who? You may remember Danielle from her role as Topanga on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. The Associated Press reports" "Fishel was arrested Thursday just before 5 a.m. after officers stopped a car she was in, said Newport Beach Sgt. James Rocker. She was released from jail shortly after her arrest."

I mean, has she even worked since Boy Meets World? Wait, the article says that she has been a correspondent for Tyra Banks and a spokesperson for Nutrisystem... I'm sure that pays well. Maybe she's hoping the DUI will boost her career... it's worked so well for Nicole, Lindsay and Paris... oh wait, oops.;_ylt=AvMleyhZ3NNdfcg7BE6L78AE1vAI

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