Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wiping Your Money Away

I guess million dollar ideas are quickly coming to an end, because now we have Renova, who is selling the first "fashionable" toilet paper, available in four designer colors: Black, Red, Orange, and Green. Their catalog copy reads, "A voluptuous texture. Colors for an outstanding style. A warm mystery in every single olfactive moment. Soft and glamorous...A paper full of pleasure."

Trendwatching says it's part of the consumer trend of "premiumization," whereby every product is available in "upgraded" form. Think premium vodkas, where you pay $10 more just to have a fancy backstory in a pretty bottle, and apply that mentality to every consumer good...except with Vodka it's worth it. You know I break out in hives if it's not distilled in Poland at least 10 times! ha.

1 comment:

Dana Lynn said...

it probably leaves your butt red... or black... what a WASTE!