Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jeans And I Are Friends Again

I've had this on/off relationship with jeans for the past two and half years - mainly off. I haven't worn jeans for any occassion- mainly because I was battling the low waist styles. So, despite the unpopularity of high waisted jeans (and the dozens of celebrities who have been caught looking TERRIBLE in them- ex: Jessica Simpson), I welcome them back with open arms. And in fact, I took the plunge last night... and I couldn't be happier! I put them on, nice and snug... high waisted, no bother of an ass crack creeping up or any strange weird fat bulge (I know most of you don't have that problem, but I DO!)... These are the exact ones I purchased - they are an IMMEDIATE buy - don't pass go, friends.

Sidenote: I purchased the same EXACT pair at Bloomingdales for $145... wonder why the $50 price discrepancy! Seriously... I know I got the "Ginger" jean, because it's emblazoned on the waiste band, the material composition is the same... hmmm... So, go to Bloomies!

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