Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pull A Pencil And Have A Seat

The Pencil Bench is a bench that has a seating surface made of 1,600 pencils...Which is a lot. All the pencils fit into holes in the bottom so you can remove and use them if you desire.

It's made by Boex 3D Creative Solutions and will set you back $2,450 -- a ridiculous price for a few pieces of wood and a shit-ton of pencils, don't you think? I mean you could conceivably make this in an afternoon. I bet they didn't even use the pencils with good erasers. I bet those are the ones that smear your writing instead of erasing it. God I hate those things. And while it may support Mr. 28" x 32" in the picture, what about a "fuller figure" model like myself? What happens when you set down 250 lbs. on that bitch? I'll tell you what happens -- a bunch of cheap pencils get rammed up their ass... let's hope no one turns the pencils around now.

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