Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forget Wii, Get A Mii

It's that time of year when we get to share with you those wonderful tokens of tech love, or rather love for the techie in your life. If you are the partner of a Wii addict, I recommend purchasing this year's hottest confection--the chocolate Mii. Or if you can't find a Wii, get a Mii.

Chocolate Mii is crafted to look like a miniature Wii, bolding displaying the message "Wii belong together, you and Mii." Your sweetie will open the Wii-shaped box to uncover two chocolate Miis with red-hot hearts on their shirts. There are boy-girl, girl-girl, and boy-boy combinations, so your love can be shared with your love - or even with your best friend. Chocolate Miis are each made with 2.1 oz (think king-sized candy bar) of gourmet milk, dark, or while chocolate from Omaha Chocolate Company.

1 comment:

Dana Lynn said...

thats really freakin cute. Too bad I dont know anyone who likes or plays the Wii.