Monday, January 21, 2008

Top O' The Morning To You, Britney

Ummm... she has SERIOUSLY lost it. Britney Spears' now speaks with a British accent. Hats off to the paparazzi dude who asked Britney "What part of England are you from?" That's like asking Michael Jackson to his face what part of Neverland he's from. And what's up with her saying, "I love you men."

WORD OF ADVICE: The "interesting" part starts at around 2 minutes in, so fast forward to hear this absurd accent.

People Magazine came up with a number of theories ranging from the fact that her new "boyfriend" is from England, her grandmother is from England.. and my personal favorite, she's gone MAD.,,20172750,00.html

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Dana Lynn said...

DUDE, She is a COMPLETE NUT CASE!! Poor poor little nut case.