Thursday, January 10, 2008

Most "Glamorous" Jobs

Do you love your job? Do you sometimes wish you were in a position that was a little more glamorous or sexy? Who doesn't, but we all have our daydreams, so in yours what makes a job glamorous? Probably things like money, along with traveling to exotic and luxurious locations, meeting celebrities, and getting invited to exclusive upscale parties. And then there are some job titles, like "brain surgeon" and "rocket scientist", that get a certain level of respect and esteem even though the daily working conditions aren't necessarily that glam. recently surveyed over 800 people and came up with the top 5 most glamorous jobs (check it out below).

1. Fashion Designer, 2. Surgeon, 3. Pilot, 4. Photographer and 5. Investment Banker.
I'm SOOO surprised lawyer didn't make the cut. I'm frankly a little surprised, maybe middle American and I don't have the same definition of "glamour". What about the obvious model/actress or better yet, stay at home mom? hahaah.


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Dana Lynn said...

What about Flavor Company bookkeeper!? WTF! I'm so GLAM!!!