Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gucci Hitting Up Those Asians With "8-8-08" Collection

If you don't know, the number "8" is very lucky in the Asian culture - it stands basically for prosperity. So, as we are in the year 2008, August 8, 2008 (08-08-08) stands to be the year's most sacred day (I can only imagine how many Asian couples will exchange their vows, record breaking I am sure).... So, it comes as NO surprise to me that high end designer, Gucci, is planning on exploiting it. By way of example, this stupid leather panda bear is $1,050... the collection will have 8 pieces - including their $1,415 I-Gucci watch (a digital watch, which costs probably a DOLLAR to make), a red bike for $3420 and a mahjong set for $3,150, shoes, and some purse/luggage items.

I'm sure more designers will be quick to follow...

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