Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iz Tech. Ruining Ur Life? Expertz Say Yz

Would you rather text someone than talk to them face to face? Then you might have technology overload, which means you engage in addictive behavior towards technological devices. According to John O'Neill, the director of addictions services at the Menninger Clinic, "I think [technology overload] shares some of the same components as people who become addicted to alcohol and drugs in that we start to see that someone cannot really put it down and cannot stop the use of it even when there are some consequences."

So what are the symptoms of this life-ruining addiction? O'Neill tells Reuters: "Using text messages, email and voice mail when face-to-face interaction would be more appropriate, or limiting time with friends and family to tend to your email, return phone calls or to surf the Internet." Hmm, by those rubrics, 99% of my friends are incurably-addicted to their sweet, sweet tech.

It probably has ruined meaningful dating as well- why call when you can just text? And why have a real conversation when you can just LOL by yourself with your cell phone.

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