Monday, January 21, 2008

J.Lo Sporting The Bump, Marc Sporting Jogging Pants

Jennifer Lopez looking as fabulous as ever- and quite large at 6-7 months...which only fuels the speculation that she is having twins. You know you're a diva when you're pregnant AND can still wear 5 inch (Christian Leboutin) heels AND it's the middle of winter AND you're only wearing a short dress and open toe for a rooftop party.
Marc Anthony on the other hand, nice to see he came dressed to the occassion. (Admittedly, they are "dress" pants, I'm not BLIND for God's sake, but why the navy overcoat?)

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Dana Lynn said...

she looks great ad big as a house! She must be having twins or a really big baby. he looks like a total ass in that outfit. How did she let him leave the house like that? handle that shit, JLO!