Thursday, January 10, 2008

Idiot Of The Day

A mayor of a small town in Oregon posted photos of herself in her underwear on myspace and has been asked to resign. Not surprisingly, she believes that those pictures are her "personal life", "has nothing to do with my mayor's position" and sees no reason to remove them from the Internet.

First of all, WHY have a myspace profile if you're a mayor? WHAT FOR? You have a WHOLE web page dedicated to you - do you think your friends are wondering what you're doing? You're probably on the local news all the time. WHAT AN IDIOT.


Dana Lynn said...

OMG, people are SOOOOO FREAKIN STUPID! I cant take it! Did she think people wouldn't find her and not be offended?? Trash. Straight up TRASH!

Arika said...

I'm embarrassed to be an Oregonian now ha