Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cavalli for H&M... That's Hot

Remember those Mervyn's commercials with the psycho woman standing outside the store chanting "Open...Open...Open". I'm pretty close to doing that outside H&M Headquarters to beg them to open one in South Florida. I mean Ikea opened here (more details in an old post-- as if you didn't know!) ...can't we get an H & M now too? Page Six got an "exclusive" preview of Cavalli's line... My personal favorite the ruffle front blouse with a contrast bow finish ($60).

ps- I know I was just complaining about too many designers going... "common", but a girl has got to have exceptions!


HLB said...

That is hot, I'll take one of those tops, please ;)

Arika said...

We just got an Ikea here in portland too but no H&M either :(