Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gimme Gimme More...

Today felt like the first day of fall down here... crisp, cool and zero humidity. Anyways, days like these make me want to run out and buy a sweater... unfortunately, by the time I find one I like, it's 90 degrees again. But I found one AND it's a turtleneck, I love it. The Jade Turtle Top from Corey Lynn Calter is the perfect combination of cute and sophisticated. The black rayon and lycra long sleeve top has a tie at the neck and rolled sleeves at the wrist.

Now the question is, do I want one or two?

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Dana Lynn said...

HAHA!! FALL IN FLORIDA!!! Thats a good one! I remember in college when it would hit like 65 for like A DAY in Miami and you would get all excited and wear a sweater and boots. I will admit, I have missed the fall up north and I LOVE it! Come visit and wear your new turtle neck!