Thursday, November 1, 2007

Never Have I Ever..

Of all the psycho things I've done when pissed off at a guy, NEVER have I ever put dog shit in a guy's dinner. However, Jill Martin, 47, suspected that her husband was having an affair did just that. In his curry, to be exact. Martin laced her husband's food with the dog feces after their relationship broke down. The court then heard how she burst out hysterically laughing when her husband started eating and she confessed what she done to the food.

Now, that's a shitty meal...hahahah... ok, now I'm being a little corny, sorry. (just so you know, I could have gone further). I won't be able to eat curry for a while.

Post the most psycho thing you've done- you can stay anonymous.

ps- I personally find this story to be hysterical... I really can't deal.


Dana Lynn said...

OMG!! I remember when my mom wanted to serve my dad cat food.. but.. DOG SHIT.. HOLY SHIT!! Thats sooooooo GROSS!!!

HLB said...

OMG status. Disgusting to the face!