Monday, November 12, 2007

Reality TV Isn't Real???

I haven't covered the "Bachelor" in a while- but thought this was worth a comment. Bettina Bell, last week's Bachelor reject caused quite a "stir" with her little report to the Washington Post, "You see us on a date, but we have five producers standing around. The producers say, 'If you give us a kiss on camera, then we'll leave.'" I personally find it "shocking" that the "love" might not really be "love"! She continues "it was more of a crush, magnified by the fact that there are 24 other women who are digging the guy you dig. So it's blown out of proportion. . . . You're in this dreamland, and all of a sudden you come to reality again."

On a bright note - Bettina, also a realtor, said the show the got her name out to a lot of people are looking to buy from her in Hermosa Beach. "Business has never been busier," she says. VT - look into that! :)

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