Thursday, November 1, 2007

Skymall RULES!!

I have personally made donuts before (cake) and know how difficult it can be to make that perfect little "O" shape. I knew my life would change when I saw this...

The Dough-Nu-Matic is a (stupidly - why Dough-Nu?) named automatic donut machine. Sort of. The machine forms the delicious little bastards...err..donuts and fries them. You can crank out about a dozen in under six minutes. The unit costs $130 from Skymall (surprise, surprise - it's like "Mail Order Only" on crack). I'm thinking about ordering THREE- one for the house, one for the office and one for my car. After all, warm donuts and coffee are a match made in heaven!


Dana Lynn said...

OMG! I am IN LOVE!!! and now I want a freakin warm donut! YUMMMM!!! This is a GEM of a find. Nice work Lo!

Anonymous said...

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