Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Freegan Experiment...

I initially thought this woman was trying to live FREE for 30 days... so you know I immediately clicked. However, she is living by the following rules. Which basically sums up to be organic and be more enviornmentally concious... however, no buying ANYTHING ELSE but food for 30 days? can you do it??

1. I will not buy anything except for food, medical needs or in case of emergency.

2. I will be a vegan.

3. All my food will be organic (and local if at all possible) and only from local sources such as New York City’s Greenmarkets or the Park Slope Food Co-op. I will also investigate waste reclamation and wild foraging.

4. I will scrupulously recycle, reuse and compost. If I want something, I will barter for it or go to

5. I will not throw away what I already have and buy "green" items. I will use what I have until it’s gone.

6. I will aim to reduce my energy bill by 50% and be carbon neutral.

7. I will only use Eco-Friendly Transportation (including the subway) but I will take a car if it is a matter of personal safety (such as late nights.)

8. I will open a Freedom Savings Account where I will put the money I save. This money will, in time, give me the freedom to quit working.

9. Most importantly, I will mindful of the impact of my actions on the earth.

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